Scouting the Port

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Scouting the Port
Game GTA V
For Trevor Philips
Objective Work at the Port of Los Santos, obtain reconnaissance on Merryweather's operations in the port, and set plans to rob Merryweather
Location La Puerta, Los Santos
Fail Floyd Hebert dies
Wade Hebert dies
The dock workers realise Trevor Philips is trespassing
Unlocks Cargobob
Unlocked by Fame or Shame

Scouting the Port is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V started by Trevor Philips from his temporary residence in La Puerta, Los Santos.


Trevor returns to his temporary residence and overhears Floyd and Wade Hebert talking about him. Trevor asks exactly what he is in their view with a nervous Wade saying that he's a good guy and like family, which Floyd agrees with. Floyd then states that he finds it difficult starting relationships with women and that he and his fiancé Debra plan to get married but that she might leave him after Trevor fornicated with Mr. Raspberry Jam. Trevor responds that Mr. Raspberry Jam died a noble death and, after Floyd says he has a small penis and removes his own pants. He asks Floyd if he works at the docks and asks him what is going on at the port that he could get involved in. The three change into dock worker outfits and, as they are about to get into Trevor's vehicle, Trevor phones Ron Jakowski to explain that he will be planning a job at the port and that he needs Ron to plan it.

On the way Trevor explains that he wants to steal something from the port with Floyd responding that at elementary school he stole a pencil, which he continues to regret. Floyd, who is scared of Trevor, states that he will assist Trevor as much as he can once he knows exactly what it is that he wants although Trevor explains that he has no idea what it is that he wants to steal but will know it when he sees it. Floyd, still not able to understand exactly what Trevor wants, is told by Trevor that he wants part of the $236 billion of the cargo that went through the port last year but does not want to steal a truck load of pineapples. Floyd then tells Trevor that some Merryweather Security Consulting mercenaries have been hanging around the port. Trevor asks what exactly they are guarding but Floyd does not know, only just realising that it does not seem right that they are guarding one freighter. Floyd tells Trevor that the Merryweather mercenaries will not allow any one near the freighter and begins to tell him a story about his co-worker Ralph but is cut off by Trevor.

The two arrive at the port and Floyd checks in with his supervisor. The supervisor tells the trio that there is a waste spillage that needs clearing up with Trevor nominating Wade for the job. Wade leaves with the supervisor while Trevor and Floyd head towards the freighter. Floyd tells Trevor that the port is the a no-fly zone, ruling out using a sky crane, and that the the coast guards are well armed and respond quickly, meaning Trevor could not go much quicker than they could while attempting to escape. The two then spot the freighter and Floyd tells Trevor that, unlike other shipments labelled as government and/or military which go through the port quickly, the freighter had been docked at the port for quite a while. Floyd then sees Forrest, another co-worker who had obviously angered the Merryweather mercenaries.

A supervisor at the dock then tells Floyd and Trevor to help move some cargo using a handler. The two are forced into moving the crates as Trevor is working a fake identification card. Floyd, nervous about being caught, tells Trevor that he is only nervous around him and is also thinking about his cousin Wade fearing he might accidentally give them away. Trevor, however, states that Wade is "never happier than when he's neck deep in shit". Trevor then begins to move two ThriftEX containers from Bay B to Bay F, admitting to Floyd that he is high. Floyd argues that he should not be operating heavy machinery while high with Trevor threatening to operate Floyd is he is not careful about what he says. While moving the containers he tells Floyd he needs a closer look and to take pictures to send to his friend Ron. Floyd initially tells Trevor he will not be able to get closer but then accidentally suggests the cranes, which he then regrets.

After moving the second container Trevor goes to the crane and climbs to the gantry where an angry supervisor complains that he has been waiting for a crane operator for over an hour. He tells Trevor to operate the crane and threatens to get the union representative involved when Trevor informs him that he is not trained to operate the crane. Trevor then moves two containers from end of a container stack and places them on to the back of trucks. Trevor completes the task with the supervisor satisfied with his work and the two then go on break. Trevor then talks about the view being great and that he will take some photographs for his children, using this as an excuse to take pictures of the Merryweather guarded freighter: specifically the ships bow, of the security guard watching the gangplank, and of the ships stern. Trevor then sends them to Ron and shortly after receives a text message from Ron saying he has the photos and that he'll get back to him when he finds some more information.

Trevor climbs down from the crane and drives a Hauler, complete with trailer, to the warehouses under instructions from Floyd. He tells Trevor that the warehouses are located on the other side of the port where a dry dock is also being guarded by Merryweather mercenaries but that no one is allowed around the area. Trevor tells Floyd that the two will be going in for a closer look as the rules do not apply to them and calls Floyd a failure with a loveless relationship and a dead end job when he tells Trevor that the rules have applied to him his whole life. Floyd tells Trevor that being a unionised longshoreman is a good paying job and that people in La Puerta will rob longshoremen as they are jealous. Trevor explains that they are not jealous and that he had never worked so hard in his life. Floyd argues that the job is not that bad and that he has been doing the job every day for ten years but without criminal activity.

The two begin to drive towards the Merryweather guarded dry dock but are stopped by a mercenary who tells them it is restricted access. Trevor pretends to speak Spanish and to speak limited English, explaining that he had been told to deliver it there. Floyd attempts to ease the tension by saying that Trevor had been told to deliver the cargo there but is attacked by five mercenaries. With their backs turned, Trevor sneaks into the guards station and steals a briefcase and leaves the restricted area with Floyd still being beaten up. As he leaves he gets a phone call from Ron. Trevor suggests that if they can get a gun man on a nearby bridge and one on the ship they'll have a good chance of taking it over. Ron then informs Trevor that the main container is likely to be below deck and that it is carrying government property and that it is likely to be serious military technology. Trevor, having looked in the briefcase, finds a manifest saying that the military are to test something out at sea and that they must be guarding the test item.

Trevor tells Ron to get back to work making Trevor Philips Enterprises a success in Blaine County with Ron agreeing to continue looking into the container and Merryweather before looking for a file he has on Merryweather. Ron hangs up and Trevor drives back to the apartment, which is now covered in faeces and almost throws up at the smell. He walks in and finds Wade, covered in faeces, sitting down. Wade explains that he attempted to stop the leak but that the faeces continued to leak and cover him. Trevor briefly hugs him, attempting to keep his distance. Trevor grabs a picture of Debra hanging above the fireplace and throws it on the floor. Wade picks the photo up and says that nobody understands why Floyd allows her to use him. Trevor, explaining that it is because of low self esteem, draws a rough map of the port and sticks polaroids of the photographs he had taken on the wall before running through the two options he sees on how to get the cargo.

He tells Wade that he can either have a crew use a submersible to blow a hole in the ship underwater, requiring someone to plant the bomb, someone to watch out for them and someone to steal the cargo before escaping, although escaping by land will be impossible as the port will have shut down once they realised they were under attack. He then tells Wade that a second piece of the technology is being tested off shore and that he will need a submersible, as well as a large helicopter to haul the cargo away.

The player then chooses whether to use the "loud" or "smart" approach to stealing the technology. Trevor states that he will bring Wade and Floyd along, as well as Michael De Santa and his unpaid intern regardless of which option is chosen. Floyd then returns to the apartment and asks what the smell is. Trevor states that they must go to see the union representative as Wade had been injured while working, with the faeces seeping into his pores and that he doubts Wade will ever smell normal again. Floyd argues that the two can not go to the union, as they are not actually port employees, but Trevor states that as Floyd is a union member and he vouched for them, they should still go. A desperate Floyd states that as Trevor is planning to rob the port where he works, has violated Mr. Raspberry Jam and, realising the picture had been damaged, destroyed the picture that they should let it slide. Trevor agrees but suggests that Floyd wash Wade, to which Wade responds that he does not want one. Trevor leaves and is later shown back in the apartment attempting to watch television, giving up and he begins to walk away.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 20 minutes
Employee of the Month Complete the mission without damaging the containers.
Perfect Surveillance Snap all 3 photographs of the boat as instructed.
An Honest Day's Work Complete the mission without causing a disturbance at the dock.

Mid mission text message

  • Ron Jakowski: Photos received, boss. I'll turn up some info and get back to you when I have something. Ron


  • Floyd will continue to act as if he is being attacked by Merryweather mercenaries even if they are killed by Trevor.
  • The scene in which Trevor lowers his pants to expose his penis to Floyd and Wade was cut in the Japanese version. In the Japanese version, instead of lowering his pants to expose his penis, he makes a gesture.

Video walkthrough

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