Myths in GTA IV

There are a variety of myths revolving around Grand Theft Auto IV. Most are misconceptions, made up, or simply glitches or bugs. These stories revolve around actual locations and events in the game. Due to the popularity of these myths, people have spent countless time searching for or wanting to know about something that does not exist.

Lola Del Rio is a prostitute seen on the concept artworks for Grand Theft Auto IV and is often believed to exist in the game. The LCPD database states that she can be seen in Star Junction, Algonquin, but she does not actually appear in the game. This hasn't stopped players from posting claims of seeing her.
  • Whale
According to a Liberty Tree article, a whale is believed to be seen in the water in Middle Park, but it does not actually appear in the game. The article makes fun of the wild "myths" that have spawned from GTA San Andreas.
  • Changing faces of the Statue of Happiness
Players claim to have seen the face of the Statue of Happiness change over time or depending on the actions of the player. These claims are entirely unfounded as the face cannot change at all.
  • Abandoned Sprunk Factory ghost
People have mistaken the nearby Honkers Gentlemen's Club bouncer for a ghost in the abandoned Sprunk factory in Tudor, Alderney. If the player fires a weapon even as far as the factory, the bouncer will react and tells the player to leave. If captions are turned on, the caption will show clearly the text of the voice even if the player is distant from hearing range of the bouncer.


Many player have mistaken distant blinking lights of aircraft as alien UFOs. These aircraft are meant to be flying at high altitudes but sometimes if the player themselves are flying at high altitudes, the blinking lights can be seen below the player and can sometimes be seen passing through tall buildings.

Bloody Bedroom

This is not exactly a myth. However, in an apartment in Liberty City, there is an open door. The bedroom has a massive amount of blood strewn about, making it more likely a piece of miscellaneous interior detail. Also, on the mattress on the floor in the main room and in one of the side rooms is a picture of a policeman (identity unknown) with a pile and three lines of cocaine running across it. This could mean that there was either a police officer with a cocaine addiction living there, or a cop killer with the same addiction. If it was the prior, the police officer likely either committed suicide or was killed. If it was the latter, he may have kidnapped the police officer (depicted in the picture) and brought him there, only to promptly kill him; The killer likely would have then fled from the obviously undiscovered crime scene.

It is located on the apartment in North Holland where Jimmy Kand lives.

It should be noted that the same bloody bed prop is in the room where Niko was sent to kill Teddy Benavidez, on orders from Ray Boccino.

video (not seen until 5:02)


The Ratman is a creature that is said to be seen in the subways of Liberty City. Fabrications of his description include having sharp claws and teeth, frightening red eyes, and an incredible running speed, as well as the ability to kill the player instantly.

Growling Noises

These are rare, but they can be heard mostly during nighttime when Niko is by himself (i.e. no nearby pedestrians). It's a low growl that persists for a good amount of time, and may scare players if caught off guard. It is not known what causes these noises but it could be a glitch. It almost sounds as if it is the growl of a mountain lion.

Deep echoed growls are known to occur in Alderney Casino and the Sprunk Factory, It is unknown what they are caused by but they might just exist for atmospheric effect.

Other growling can be explained by nearby Flying Rats or thunder.

Faustin's House

Next to Mikhail and Dimitri Faustin's house is a broken guardrail with several half-submerged cars - it was suggested that this was simply a comedy bit about drunk drivers in the area, but others soon found out that the cars had no doors, suggesting an explosion blew them off of the road, possibly hinting to assassins sent to kill the blood brothers that were quickly thwarted.

After the mission where you meet Dimitri and Mikhail, their friend (Andrei) is shot to the head - after this mission is completed, a bloodtrail from the back of Mikhail's porch is found leading to the bushes, hinting to where the body went.

Few suggested that the body itself - along with a fair amount of dropped cash and guns - can be discovered at night, near the beach and/or bushes with a 5% spawn chance; this has yet to be proven.

The "Devil's" Swing

There is, in Broker, a little playground where has slides and swings. In one of the swings, there is a bug that, if you hang on it, you're fired in a big distance, and if you park a car under the swing, the car is totally damaged and can also be fired into the skyscrapers.