Paradiso Safehouse

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The Paradiso Safehouse.

The Paradiso Safehouse is a safehouse located in Paradiso, San Fierro in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. The safehouse is located close to the Tuff Nut Donuts store, and near the border with Palisades and Santa Flora. Carl Johnson, the player character, can purchase the safehouse for $20,000. The safehouse has a garage that can store two cars.

Usage in the Game

The safehouse can be used to save in-game progress when accessing Loco Syndicate missions from the Pleasure Domes Club, or as the closest saving-point when dating Katie Zhan, apart from 100% completion of the game. Shipment delivery vehicles can also be stored here for convenience after being unlocked, as some vehicles may be found in areas nearby when wanted for delivery.