The town of Bayside in Tierra Robada. In the distance is Gant Bridge.
Bayside Marina location

Bayside is a small town located at the very northwestern tip of Tierra Robada in San Andreas. It sits at the northern end of Gant Bridge, and is only minutes away from San Fierro. The town is surrounded by a cordillera of unnamed mountains to the north and west, which separates it from the open sea. Bayside is a highly affluent area, apparently modeled after the Sausalito area of Marin County, just north of San Francisco. Like Sausalito, Bayside possesses a well-used marina, and enjoys the isolation from the bustle of San Fierro, while maintaining the sophistication and pretense of the area. Texture files for Bayside structures also point to elements borrowed from the Presidio of San Francisco located on the northwestern tip of San Francisco.

Bayside also sits at the western edge of Bayside Tunnel, which connects this portion of Tierra Robada with the remainder, and provides support to the highway servicing the general area.

Bayside is notably different from other towns in Tierra Robada, as it is located in a more forested and less arid region of the county.



  • Desert Eagle - Behind the wall of a house near the marina
  • Flowers - In front of a building with two main doors, next to the road which leads to the main highway
  • Grenades - In an alley near the marina
  • Vibrator - Next to a rubbish bin, in a dirt lot just northwest of Bayside Marina; it is small, and its grey color blends with the background, making it difficult to see. This is the weapon/gift's only spawning point in San Andreas.


Street view of Bayside


  • Due to an apparent glitch in the game, Bayside's marina is not a trigger zone for a 4-star wanted level, and is the only location, sans Los Santos, Red County, and parts of San Andreas' water, which is exempted from this prior to the player unlocking the game's other regions. This allows for the Boat School to be accessed immediately after "Deconstruction". However, if the player ventures outside of the docks and into the actual town, the wanted level will be triggered. The helipad, docks, and southernmost regions of the town are the only parts of Bayside which can be explored before Bayside is properly unlocked. The player can reach Bayside without attracting the attention of law enforcement by flying a very narrow strip of the water between San Fierro and Tierra Robada which is also exempt from triggering the wanted level.
  • In the mission Saint Mark's Bistro, the player must fly a plane far to the east (to reach Liberty City); flying so far over the ocean triggers a glitch which creates more gang territories across San Andreas. One such territory is in Bayside, and is occupied by the Los Santos Vagos.
  • Bayside was added rather late in the game's development.[1]
  • Bayside is the only town in Tierra Robada not to have a Spanish name.