Recruitment Drive (GTA CW)

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Recruitment Drive
Saving innocent recruits.

Saving innocent recruits.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Wu Lee
Location Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City
Reward $50
Unlocks Carpe Dime
Unlocked by Natural Burn Killer

Recruitment Drive is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars given to protagonist Huang Lee by his uncle and Lee Family head Wu Lee from his restaurant in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City. It is unlocked by the mission Natural Burn Killer.


Wu complains that his men don't want to fight for the Triads. He wants new recruits for the gang. Huang goes around the city to recruit three crime victims by saving them from the hoodlums that are beating them up. The three want to repay Huang by joining the gang. Huang and the three potential recruits head to a tattoo parlor in Cerveza Heights. Hoodlums looking for revenge attack Huang but Huang manages to drive safely to the tattoo parlor. Huang tattoos a recruit at the parlor to officially initiate them into the gang. Be careful when hopping fences and such, for the AI of the people you recruit is not high, and they may get stuck.


(At Sum Yung Gai)

Kenny: My men are all girly-boys! I need new blood, Huang - men prepared to fight and die for me. Not this scum that defect to other under-bosses simply because I've fallen out of favor with Hsin. For generations men have given their lives meaning by dying in this family's service!

Huang: Absolutely ... it's the most honorable of traditions.

Kenny: There's surely many immigrants on the streets all suffering regular abuse from the authorities and local punks. Find these terribly unfortunate souls, Huang, and show them a life of honor is worth dying for.

(Saving the victim)

Rookie: You saved me! How can I ever repay you?

Huang: No need to repay me, but I can help you help yourself. Join my gang, and you'll learn important qualities like discipline and self respect and how to intimidate and bully people yourself.

Rookie: Fantastic! As a Triad, all my troubles will be over!


The reward for completing this mission is $50. The mission Carpe Dime is unlocked. You can also return to the tattoo parlor to tattoo more recruits.

Mission Replay description

"Recruited a few new goons for Uncle Kenny.

I even tattooed one of them, well, more like scarred him for life. Maybe I should go back and practice.

It's not that I think tattooing is going to be a skill that'll come in handy, it's just a lot of fun scarring simpletons."