Sum Yung Gai

The logo of Sum Yung Gai

Sum Yung Gai is a Chinese restaurant on the corner of Inchon Ave and Huntington St in Cerveza Heights, Dukes, Liberty City. Huang Lee's uncle Wu "Kenny" Lee does his business here, and the player's first missions from him are received here. The restaurant is unique for having a giant bowl sculpture on its roof with a body armor pickup inside it. The restaurant is a destination for Taxi Driver in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars. The business name appears on some Pony vans. The name is a play on the lewd joke, "I'll have the cream of Sum Yung Gai."[1]

A sticker of the restaurants' logo was included with other stickers of Huang Lee, Ling Shan, the Burger Shot logo and the Rockstar Games logo if GTA Chinatown Wars was pre-ordered (Australia and New Zealand).

Sum Yung Gai's building design is based off the real-life Chao Zhou Restaurant at 40-52 Main Street, in Flushing, Queens, which is most notable for its signature red bowl and chopstick sculpture on its roof although smaller than Sum Yung Gai's[2]; the restaurant is based in the first floor, while the second floor is occupied by a karaoke "KTV MONSTER" lounge (The "MEN STORE" sign on the building in-game is derivative of the "MONSTER" sign of the real-life karaoke lounge).


  • Sum Yung Gai is a homophone of some young guy.



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