Lee Family

Lee Family
Games: GTA IV
GTA Chinatown Wars
Leader: Mr. Lee (deceased/Formely)
Wu "Kenny" Lee (deceased/Formely)
Huang Lee
Type: Triads crime family
Affiliations: Jaoming Family
Wade Heston
Ming Family
Algonquin Triads
Vehicles: cognoscenti
Dragon Wagon
Weapons: Pistol
Assault Rifle
Businesses: Drug Dealing
Members: Wu Lee
Huang Lee
Xin Shan
Ling Shan
Triad Rookie

The Lee Family is one of the three Triads crime family associate to the Triads in Liberty City, and the second most powerful Triads Family after The Jaoming Family. The gang is featured in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars where the game's protagonist, Huang Lee, is a member of the gang. The gang was previously lead by Huang's father, Mr. Lee before his death at the hands of his brother, Wu.

Family and Members

Note: The words in quotation marks are the official names for a position in a real life Triad family. The words in the brackets are the equivalent positions in a non-triad gang.