Protecting Chan from the Spanish Lords.
Protecting Chan from the Spanish Lords.

Protecting Chan from the Spanish Lords.
Game GTA Chinatown Wars
For Chan Jaoming
Fail Chan dies.
Reward 12 bags of ecstasy
Unlocks The Offshore Offload
Unlocked by Missed the Boat?

Sa-boat-age is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, given to the protagonist by Chan Jaoming.


Meet up with Chan at Castle Garden City at the dock. He's just stolen a new speedboat from the Spanish Lords, and wants to test it to see if you can beat it.

After you get on the Wet Ski (the only choice for the mission), you have to race with Chan through checkpoints, just be careful not to miss any otherwise you'll have to turn around and return to it. Shortly after, Chan's boat starts to smoke and he slows down. But it isn't a break down, the Spanish Lords sabotaged it to attack and kill Chan. So until help arrives, you have to protect Chan; the game gives you an unlimited amount of SMG ammo to defend Chan against the several waves of Spanish Lords on Dinghys. Many waves of gangsters will come over time, but shortly later a helicopter will arrive to rescue Chan. Chan swears that he will make the Spanish Lords pay for their actions.


(At the docks)

Chan: Man, Huang, I'm on top of the world. I just banged on incredible set of twins. One girl, one boy. And I've scored some incredible ketamine, and also, business is going great. I'm really focused on it. I'm a fucking natural. I've more territory, businesses and power than ever.

Huang: Yeah, some of that territory was my uncle's.

Chan: Hey, Huang, seriously - No hard feelings. It was all going to belong to me soon enough anyway and you and me - we're like brothers, only better because if I meet your mother, I can sleep with her but if we were real brothers, I couldn't , because she wouldn't let me. How about I make it up to you?

Huang: Make what up? Ruining my uncle's power base, or sleeping with my mother.

Chan: I never slept with your mother. I haven't met her. Oh, you're joking. Great! Listen, I took this amazing speedboat from those idiot Spanish Lords. If you catch me, it's yours. Come on, let's party like we're on TV!

Huang: This guy is ridiculous.

(Chan's boat stalls)

Chan: Those pesky Spanish Lords must have sabotaged this thing before I took it.

Huang: Who the fuck says 'pesky'? Come on, swim over to me.

Chan: ... I can't swim!

Radio: zzsch ...We're coming for you Chan. Just wait right there, homeboy... zzsch

Chan: Oh fuck! Those bastards are after me! Take care of those morons, Huang! I'll radio for back up and look moody over here.


The reward for this mission is 12 bags of ecstasy. The mission The Offshore Offload is unlocked (after completing Dragon Haul Z).


If you look closely at the Helicopter that picks up Chan it will have LCPD markings.

Mission Replay description

"Chan wanted to celebrate acquiring new territory, by racing me in his new boat.

But the Spanish Lords had sabotaged it, wanting to ambush Chan while he was adrift.

I managed to fend them off long enough for Chan to escape."