San Fierro City Hall

City Hall, San Fierro, as viewed to the southwest in GTA San Andreas.
City Hall location

The San Fierro City Hall (known simply as City Hall in-game) is a district located in San Fierro, San Andreas in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


City Hall is immediately west of the Queens district. North of the City Hall is the district of Santa Flora, while south of the landmark is the district of Ocean Flats.

City Hall is essentially the civic heart of the populated by municipal buildings surrounding a plaza cum square accessible by road from the from the north, east, and south. The city hall itself sits on the western edge of the plaza; across from the city hall is a museum advertising an exhibition of Cop Art, a possible jab at the creators of abysmal entertainment failures such as Cop Rock.

This district is frequented mainly by civil servants and the residents of nearby Queens. Taxis and Stretches can also be seen in this area, suggesting the variety of visitors to the city's civic center.

The general area is a re-creation of San Francisco's Civic Center, which similarly encompass a concrete plaza surrounded by Beaux Arts/Edwardian architecture. The city hall building is a toned-down replication of the San Francisco City Hall, while the museum is derivative of the Asian Art Museum of San Francisco; the four lesser structures on the northern and southern sides of the plaza appear to borrow elements from the Earl Warren Building (old California State Building).



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