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A cane spawn in Las Venturas.

The Cane is one of the many melee weapons in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, despite filling the Other slot occupied by gifts and the like (e.g. Flowers). Also, although specifically listed as a gift by the game's system files, the cane cannot be given to anyone, and cannot be used as anything more than an accessory or a weapon. The cane also appears in Grand Theft Auto III, in cutscenes only when Asuka Kasen is seen torturing Miguel during a couple of the final missions of the game. A similar weapon called the Gaff Hook appeared in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories as well.


Los Santos

A cane spawns in 3 locations in Los Santos:

San Fierro

A cane spawns in 8 locations in San Fierro:

  • In the Hashbury district, at the top of the staircase behind the Hippy Shopper located northwest of the Hashbury Safehouse
  • In the Ocean Flats district (4)
    • In front of the condominium facing east, just south of the cathedral
    • At the top of the staircase to the townhouse on the southwest corner of the intersection directly north of the main building of Avispa Country Club
    • In the back yard of the blue townhouse on the western edge of Ocean Flats, directly west of the cathedral
    • In the back yard of the turquoise townhouse with the flat roof on the northwestern edge of Ocean Flats, southwest of Wheel Arch Angels
  • In front of City Hall, to the right of the main entrance on the building's east side
  • In the Santa Flora district, outside the front doors of San Fierro Medical Center, near the passenger loading area, and to the left of the ramp
  • In the Financial district, caddy-corner to the Big Pointy Building, to the right of the entrance to the Victim location
Las Venturas

A cane spawns in 4 locations in Las Venturas:

  • In the Pilgrim district, outside the front door of the main building of the large Pacific Island-styled motel.
  • In the Emerald Isle district, on the eastern edge of the casino's main building, next to a service entrance.
  • In the Prickle Pine district (2)
Flint County

A cane spawns in 2 locations in Flint County:

  • At the back of the RS Haul depot
  • Next to the shed on the small farm with the windmill and stationary Sadler on Beacon Hill