Screw This

Screw This
Game GTA Vice City
Type of business Hardware store
Location(s) Little Havana, Vice City

Screw This is a hardware store in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City that doubles as a weapons store. The store is located in Little Havana, Vice City, west of the Little Havana Police Station. The store was not opened in 1984 but had opened by 1986. Tommy Vercetti can purchase various tools from the store, which can be used as weapons. Tommy Vercetti must also rob the store in order to gain 100% completion for GTA Vice City.

Weapons for purchase

Tool Price
Screwdriver $10
Hammer $20
Meat Cleaver $50
Machete $100
Chainsaw $500


  • Screw This is also a way of expressing laziness at a task set for someone.

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