Meat Cleaver

Tommy Vercetti wielding a Meat Cleaver.
HUD icon in GTA Vice City.

"This carbon steel cleaver can be used for cutting up large bones, pork chops and cartilage. Good for commercial or street use."
-Vice City Bureau of Investigation description.

The Meat Cleaver is a blade-like tool usually used by butchers to cut slabs of meat into smaller pieces. In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, it is used as a melee weapon. Like other knives in the game, the meat cleaver it can damage cars and people and can leave the victim bleeding, leaving a trail of blood drops on the ground.


GTA Vice City
GTA Liberty City Stories
  • Chinatown, Portland - Available in the middle of the shopping alley in Chinatown next to a noodle stand.
  • Some Triads can be seen wielding the meat cleaver.