Cortez' Yacht

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Cortez' Yacht
Colonel Cortez' yacht, docked at the Ocean Bay Marina, in GTA Vice City.
Colonel Cortez' yacht, docked at the Ocean Bay Marina, in GTA Vice City.
Appearance(s) GTA Vice City
Vehicle type Civilian watercraft
Body style Yacht
Capacity Can carry multiple people at once, no exact number known.

Colonel Cortez, a prominent character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, is depicted early in the game's storyline to be based in a lavish, unnamed private yacht docked at Pier 2 of the Ocean Bay Marina, opposite the Marina Sands Hotel.


The yacht is a essentially a large red-and-white sea vessel that features three levels of accessible deck connected by a series of stairways in both sides and in front, but lacks any interior (even though there are access points in the rear and on the upper deck). In addition, a red Speeder (seemingly sporting a pre-release design) is attached to the rear of the yacht.

Most notably featured during "The Party", when it is a venue for a high-profile party hosted by Colonel Cortez, the yacht serves as Cortez' home in Vice City while he is in exile from an unspecified South American country; the reason Cortez lives on his yacht is because his villa in Vice City (most likely in Starfish Island) has been bugged by police. Over the course of the storyline, the ship is also revealed to be one of Cortez' valuable assets, serving as a mobile base of operation where he stores smuggled merchandise and organizes an investigation into the failed drug deal with the Vance brothers, and a contact point from which he gives out missions to the player (after "Riot"), including "Treacherous Swine", "Mall Shootout", "Guardian Angels", "Sir, Yes Sir!" and "All Hands on Deck!". The ship is also implied to be manned by a well-armed crew decked in sailor outfits.

Eventually, increasing hostilities from the French government lead Cortez and his crew to flee Vice City in the ship in "All Hands on Deck!", fending off French gunners with help from the player while the ship sails north. After escaping to the northern extent of the city, Cortez gives the player the yacht's Speeder as a parting gift before setting off to an unknown destination. Upon completion of "All Hands on Deck!", the ship is no longer seen at the Ocean Bay Marina or anywhere else in the city.


  • A scale model of Cortez' yacht can be found in the office of the Malibu Club in GTA Vice City.
  • The yacht's Speeder, when attached to the rear of the yacht, is not solid.
  • After the mission All Hands on Deck!, the outline of the yacht can still be seen on the radar although the ship is no longer at the Ocean Bay Marina.


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