Terroil logo in GTA IV.
Terroil logo in GTA IV.

Terroil is a petroleum company featured in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Terroil is apparently a company specialized in the refinement and commercial sale of fuel, but appears to have a limited presence in Liberty City, operating only one filling station at Albany Ave in Lancaster, Algonquin, as well as a refinery at the Acter Industrial Park; Terroil storage tanks can be found most in the Acter Industrial Park. Like other gas stations in GTA Chinatown Wars, Terroil's sole gas station can be used to produce Molotov cocktails.

Terroil tanks feature slogans like "Waging war on prices", referring to the names similarity to the word "terror" along with a common theory that the prevailing wars in the Middle East are, in fact, more to do with oil than "freeing" certain areas of the world.


  • The Sanchez features Terroil decals in its front suspension fork, suggesting that Terroil manufactured them.
  • A pedestrian may say "You know, between you and me, Terroil has a bright future ahead of it", suggesting that they are doing well.


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