The Master and the Molotov/Walkthrough

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The following is a walkthrough of the mission The Master and the Molotov in Grand Theft Auto IV.


This mission is triggered by a text message from Dimitri. A new icon (Dimitri's) should appear on the radar. Make sure Niko has full health before meeting Dimitri at the beach. At a bench in the beach, Dimitri explains that the leader of the Russian Mafia, Mikhail Faustin is ruining Dimitri and the other Russians with his anger and heavy drug addiction.

After the cutscene, get a car and head over to the Perestroika cabaret club. A cutscene shows Faustin and his two goons parking outside the club and walking inside. Dmitri will call to tell you where to find some armor before you confront Mikhail. Then, follow Faustin inside and yet another cutscene shows how close friends Dimitri and Mikhail are. Niko explains it's over, Faustin is fired from the Russian Mafia on orders from Dimitri and the Petrovic Family.

Faustin hides behind a mini-restaurant inside the club. His men start firing at Niko. Gain immediate cover and use a powerful weapon to take out all of the goons. Pick up their money, all of the goons together in this mission drop about $2000. After all of them are dead, Faustin begins running outside into the rain. Follow him into the back hallway of the club and kill all the men returning fire. Also remember to pick up their dropped money.

Run outside and get cover. Shoot Faustin's last goons and run up the fire escape. Faustin is at the top yelling about how Dimitri will betray Niko and everyone else he comes in contact with. Get a pistol out if there is one. Any amount of bullets is fine. Target Mikhail and when the red circle flashes, shoot Mikhail. These special kills are called executions. If you don't want to execute Mikhail Faustin, just shoot him with any weapon however you like.


  • If you don't want to kill Faustin's goons inside the club, take any weapon and shoot Faustin (he has a poor hiding spot behind the table). If he loses any health, the next cutscene will automatically start where he runs out of the back so you can just run after him instead of staying and killing all of the goons. Alternatively, you can get a rocket launcher and fire it at the corner where Faustin is hiding. He will duck to avoid exploding and then run out of the back.