The Master and the Molotov

The Master and the Molotov
Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov discussing the fate of Mikhail Faustin.

Niko Bellic and Dimitri Rascalov discussing the fate of Mikhail Faustin.
For Dimitri Rascalov
Objective Assassinate Mikhail Faustin at the Perestroika club
Location Hove Beach, Broker
Unlocks Russian Revolution
Unlocked by Rigged to Blow

The Master and the Molotov is a mission in Grand Theft Auto IV, given to protagonist Niko Bellic by Dimitri Rascalov from the Hove Beach district of Broker, Liberty City. This mission introduces the fire escape stairs to the player.


The Petrovic Family are threatening to kill Dimitri if his leader, Mikhail Faustin is not killed soon. Niko is sent by Dimitri to kill Faustin because Faustin's recklessness is getting out of control. Kenny Petrovic also wants revenge on Mikhail for ordering the killing of his son Lenny and destroying his garage in Bohan. Dimitri explains that he was able to negotiate with Petrovic so that only Faustin would be killed. Dimitri tells Petrovic that Niko was just a hired gun, and Petrovic is willing to spare Niko on the condition that Niko kills Faustin himself.

Niko goes to the Perestroika club, where, after a heated argument, he kills Faustin's low-level goons and then runs after Mikhail behind the club until they are face to face on the roof. Faustin attempts to tell Niko that Dimitri will betray Niko like he did him, though Niko ignores this and executes Faustin, who falls off his own cabaret club. Niko soon receives a call from Dimitri, telling him to come and collect the money for the hit.


  • If you intend to complete Roman's taxi missions, do so before starting this mission as there are no breaks between this mission and Roman's Sorrow. If you attempt to call Roman for a job after this mission, you will only get his voice mail. In addition, at the end of Roman's Sorrow Niko's safehouse relocates to Bohan, making it less convenient for accessing areas such as Hove Beach, so it's advisable that available Brucie missions and Little Jacob's Drug Delivery side missions are completed before activating this mission. Roman's car service will also no longer be available for a time after this.


  • If the player kills Faustin and he doesn't fall off the club, he may drop another pistol as well as the Micro Uzi he already dropped.
  • Faustin will attempt to kill Niko with the Uzi, but see that it's out of ammo. He will drop it, but the Uzi will sometimes still discharge one bullet when it hits the ground.
  • The name of this mission refers to the novel The Master and the Margarita by Mikhail Bulgakov.
  • When Faustin falls to his death, he will scream, but the screaming sound is not Faustin's voice, though rather a random scream heard by fleeing pedestrians.
  • Despite its name, no "Masters" or "Molotovs" are used or mentioned in the mission.
  • "Executing" Faustin is optional - he can simply be shot from a distance too.

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