The Science Of Crime

Advertisement as seen in the Internet

The Science Of Crime is a television series in Grand Theft Auto IV shown on CCC. The Science Of Crime is a parody of the popular CBS series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and its spin-offs, of which there are apparently fifteen in GTA IV. Mentioned spin-offs include Science of Crime: Vice City, Las Venturas, Ohio, Tuskegee, Djibouti, Fairbanks, Panama City, Santiago, etc, which may be a reference to CSI's over-expansion on other cities.

On the radio, adverts and billboards, the show is proclaimed to be "forensically boring!". The show is well advertised, adverts on the radio, seen on rooftop advertisements on the Declasse Taxi and a billboard above the tollbooths on the East Borough Bridge.


  • The Science of Crime: Vice City and Las Venturas are a reference to CSI:Miami and CSI:Las Vegas, the cities they were based on.
  • A "Science Of Crime" theme tune can be purchased from and used as a phone ringtone. It starts with a distinctive yell similar to that found in The Who's Won't Get Fooled Again, the theme from CSI: Miami.
  • The person in the adverts bears an strong resemblance to Talbot Daniels, which the ped model itself resembles Dr. Sheldon Hawkes from CSI: NY
  • The man featured in the radio advertisements has a similar voice to that of the main character of CSI Miami, Horatio Cane. His famed one-liners, said at the beginning of each episode, are parodied in the radio ads.