Talbot Daniels

Talbot Daniels
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Talbot Daniels
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2008 (optional)
Nationality American
Home Algonquin, Liberty City
Main Affiliations Ray Boccino
Florian Cravic
Roman Bellic
Businesses Possibly Art

There's a guy I know, likes to be called Florian

Cravic at... um... certain moments. Lives uptown somewhere.

Talbot Daniels to Niko Bellic.

Talbot Daniels is a man who helped Niko and Roman Bellic find Florian Cravic's apartment. Roman plays cards with him while Niko thinks he is a "useless bum" and tells him to run off when they finally find Florian's apartment after taking a long time. He shows pictures or artwork on a board, just off Star Junction. His appearance also varies, as sometimes, he wears a sweater vest. The vest can be blue (a possible reference to Jimmy Hopkins from Bully), or red. His nervousness in giving up Florian, especially his nervousness in saying he "likes to be called Florian... at certain moments", as well as the fact that Ray Boccino referred to him as a "fanook", which in Mafia slang translates to a gay person might suggest that he is a closeted homosexual.


  • Niko can murder Talbot before entering Bernie's place. Resulting in the following dialoge:

Roman Bellic: Niko, you didn't need to kill him. He brought us here.

Niko Bellic: I needed to warm up. Let's go. Come up with me Roman. I cannot do this alone.

Roman Bellic: Of course, Niko.

Also the phone call with Ray is different:

Niko Belic: Oh yeah, I should probably say, you ain't gonna get those ten Gs from Talbot. He had an accident.

Ray Boccino: Shit Nicky, I was counting on that vig. You're a fucking loose cannon my friend.