You may be looking for Karen (GTA IV), the receptionist for the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster law firm.
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Karen
Aliases Michelle
Gender Gender::Female
Date of Birth 1981 (Questionable)
Place of Birth The Midwest (Questionable)
Age Now 43
Nationality American
Home Mohawk Ave, Rotterdam Hill, Liberty City
Los Santos
Main Affiliations United Liberty Paper
Mallorie Bardas
Niko Bellic
International Affairs Agency
Vehicles Silver Merit
Businesses Undercover agent
Voiced by Rebecca Henderson

Karen is character in the HD Universe appearing as an undercover government official who works for International Affairs Agency through a United Liberty Paper front. Before her identity is revealed, she becomes Niko Bellic's girlfriend under the false name Michelle.

After unveiling her identity, she confiscates Elizabeta Torres' cocaine, and naturally, she and Niko break up.

It is hinted by the United Liberty Paper Contact that she was in a similar situation as Niko. When she was recruited, she had something to lose but nothing to live for. She is also a smoker, and lies to Niko that she works with Mallorie Bardas.

It is unknown when "Michelle" was assigned Niko's case. There is evidence that it is from the start of the game, or before Niko arrives in the city; as she is lying to Niko on their first date.

Due to the nature of the Agency's activities, it was likely discovered that Niko was headed to America, and due to his exploits in Europe, had unknowingly got himself noticed by the IAA. After digging up info on his family and finding that Roman Bellic was related, Karen was told to make friends with Mallorie Bardas, knowing that Niko would inevitably make contact with them.

During a mission for United Liberty Paper, Niko asked what Michelle's reward for delivering Niko was, to which he replies: "Michelle, Karen. We gave her her life back." Other than a brief, tense encounter with her near the start of the U.L. Paper mission strand, Karen is never seen again in the game.

Despite her intentions, it appears as though Karen genuinely fell for Niko during their time together. This is due to the fact that she is sometimes surprised and upset, if after a fair amount of dates, Niko doesn't ask to have sex with her. She is also visibly hurt when she is forced to betray him.

Karen apparently didn't get her life back, as she returns in Grand Theft Auto V, still working for the IAA. She appears in the mission Three's Company interrogating and torturing a man who the Agency claims is dead, Ferdinand Kerimov, before he is "rescued" by the FIB.

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