The Underbelly of Paradise

Car chase from the CNT fall promo video.

The Underbelly of Paradise is a reality TV show appearing on the CNT network in Grand Theft Auto V. The show as being running since at least 2008.


The show is based on the long-running reality series Cops, where cameramen follow police officers on their day-to-day operations. The show is hosted by FIB Agent Steve Haines. On the show, Haines discusses the illegal activities of the Traids, Families, Ballas, Vagos, and the Lost MC as well as the illegal drugs and weapons which flood the streets of Los Santos. Haines also mentions the long, unsolved and gruesome murder of rising 1970s Vinewood starlet Leonora Johnson, bringing up several conspiracy theories.

Production credits


Events of the HD Universe

Should the player decide to save Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips, Haines is filming the latest episode of the show on the Ferris wheel at the Del Perro Pier, and he is assassinated by Trevor. Agent Dave Norton reveals that he will be the new host of the show during a phone call to Michael.


  • Even if the player assassinates Haines, the episode broadcast on CNT does not change.