When the Blue Chips are Down

When the Blue Chips are Down
Game The Lost and Damned
For Thomas Stubbs
Target Thomas Stubb's Friend
Location Algonquin, Liberty City
Reward $1000

When the Blue Chips are Down is one of the Stubbs' Dirty Laundry side missions in The Lost and Damned, given to Johnny Klebitz by Thomas Stubbs III.


Stubbs informs Johnny to drive to the indicated area to help a CEO friend of his, who has just been arrested by an FIB and LCPD task force. Kill a few of the agents and cops until it is safe to release her. Get in her car and she will tell you to take her to the helipad above the Booth Tunnel. Once there, you must protect her from whatever LCPD and FIB are following you. Once she is on the helicopter, she will fly away and after a small clip, the mission will end. After that follows another phone call to Stubbs.


Stubbs wants you to rescue a CEO of a company who has been earning a bit more money than she should have.

Grab a vehicle and get to the CEO. The police have blocked off all of the alleyway entrances and exits, so you'll have to kill all of the cops and fight your way into the alley.

Once you get inside, kill all of the cops near-by, then stand behind the CEO and uncuff her. Once she's free, she'll get in the car, so get in it with her and drive out of the alleyway.

You'll be told to take her to the helipad above the Booth Tunnel, so make your way there (since you will by this point have a 3- or possibly even 4-star wanted level by this point, this is easier said than done and the dangers include your car being destroyed by helicopter fire, or being flipped by crashing into police vehicles. There is also a flipping danger when you drive the vehicle up the walkway leading to the helipad. Once you get there, you'll have to defend the helicopter from the attackers, although it only takes her about 5 seconds to take off so you should be fine.

She'll fly out to sea and get on her yacht. And, as usual, the wanted level will disappear the moment the mission ends.


Assuming you drive up to the heliport, try to back into the icon if possible or come at it from the side, otherwise there's a good chance the CEO will get trapped behind the open door of the vehicle. Once you park on the icon, you cannot move the vehicle again until the mission ends, so if she's trapped there's a good chance she'll be killed or you'll be wasted, failing the mission.