Wigwam Burger

Wigwam Burger
The Wigwam Burger "W" logo.
Featured in Grand Theft Auto IV
Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars
Locations The Triangle, Liberty City
Berchem, Alderney
Menu Burger
Price range n/a

Wigwam Burger is a fast food restaurant chain in the Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars.


Wigwam Burger's specialty is presumably its burgers, thus being is a direct competitor to Burger Shot, but is not interactive to the player in the same way as Burger Shot's restaurants.

In comparison to Burger Shot, Wigwam Burger's chain is roughly similar in size to Burger Shot's, with two of its restaurants prominently located on Iron Street in The Triangle, Algonquin, near Star Junction, and in Drebbel and Vitullo Avenue in Berchem, Alderney. Like Burger Shot, Wigwam Burger in GTA Chinatown Wars similarly offers scratch cards that may be used to win food items from Wigwam Burger or a $50 cash prize.

Wigwam Burger's design is comparable to those of Whataburger (in reality, Whataburger is less prominent in New York), as well as McDonald's, which features a similar logo design.


  • Wigwam Burger has a Native American theme, with several characteristics reinforcing this claim. The "wigwam" name itself appears to be derived from the name of a traditional form of Native American dwelling occasionally confused as a teepee (a confusion which could also arise from the design of Wignwam Burger's "W" logo, which appears more like a teepee). The motto for Wigwam Burger, "No need for reservations", as noted at the end of "I'm Rich", may also refer to Native American reservations.
  • In GTA IV, the Iron Street, The Triangle, Wigwam Burger is located in a replica of Candler Building, where a large McDonald's restaurant is based in real-life.