Bertolt Beach House

The Bertolt Beach House is a beach front house located in Del Perro, Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. Dr. Isiah Friedlander has his office located in the building where Michael De Santa attends therapy sessions. After one therapy session, he points out the house to repossession agents Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis, both of whom would subsequently become a big part of Michael's life, where they repossess a 9F and a Rapid GT for their employer Simeon Yetarian. Michael can later return to the for more therapy sessions with Dr. Friedlander and also returns during the mission Reuniting the Family with his wife Amanda, daughter Tracey and son Jimmy for a group therapy session. Michael also has the option of visiting Dr. Friedlander at his office one final time and has the option to kill the doctor.