Bitch'n' Dog Food

Bitch'n' Dog Food
GTA Vice City
GTA San Andreas
GTA Liberty City Stories
GTA Vice City Stories
Type of business Pet food
Owner(s) Marty Chonks
Donald Love and Love Media
Location(s) Trenton, Portland, Liberty City
Raven Abattoir, Los Santos, San Andreas
Mission appearance(s) The Crook
The Thieves
The Wife
Her Lover
Fresh Meat (product only)

Bitch 'n' Dog Food is a dog food producing company first introduced in Grand Theft Auto III with products still available in the HD Universe as seen in Grand Theft Auto V.


The company has a factory in Trenton, Portland, Liberty City which gets it's name from both "bitch", which is a female dog, and "bitchin", a slang term for good.

The ownership of Bitch 'n' Dog Food is unclear in 2001 (the setting for GTA III), as Marty Chonks says that he owns the factory, which is backed up by Carlos who says he is going to take over the business by killing Marty. However, the Love Media website says that Donald Love owns the company.

The factory formerly belonged to Don Kiddick's Sausage Factory, but was bought by Bitch'n' Dog Food sometime between 1998 and 2001. The factory is not making money, as suggested by Marty's bad financial situation (which leads to him killing his wife, Mrs. Chonks, to cash in on her life insurance). This is more than likely down to the ban on dogs in Liberty City, although Marty says that the dogs will get a new flavor of month after killing his wife.

The slogan of Bitch'n' Dog Food Factory is "Make That Bitch Shut Up", and claims to use "tasty bone meal, chicken carcasses, the scrapings off the abattoir floor and lots of other nutritional goodies". Marty's bank manager, two thieves and Mrs. Chonks were all turned into dog food, and it is possible that Marty himself received the same treatment after he was killed by Carl.

Bitch'n' Dog Food is sold in Vice City in 1984, the time of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas cans with food can be seen in 24/7 shops. Also, on the advertising at the bottom of the screen in the Inside Track horse racing, has an advertisement for the dog food, saying "Turn the ex-Champions for shares"

Bitch'n' Dog Food is also sold out of the Raven Abattoir on Orchardville Ave in Cypress Flats, Los Santos. It is seen during the mission Fresh Meat when the Wei Cheng Triad are about to grind Michael De Santa up into the dog food. A reference to GTA III.



  • The company is likely a reference to Sweeny Todd as it ties similarly to the plot of the play.