Wei Cheng Triad

Wei Cheng Triad
Wei Cheng, the leader of the Wei Cheng Triad, during Fresh Meat.
Games: GTA V
Locations: Yangshan, Guangdong province, China
Little Seoul, Los Santos
Cypress Flats, Los Santos
Leader: Wei Cheng
Type: Chinese Triads
Enemies: Trevor Philips
Trevor Philips Industries
Michael De Santa
Affiliations: Ron Jakowski (formerly, 2013)
Trevor Philips (formerly, 2013)
Trevor Philips Industries (formerly, 2013)
O'Neil Brothers (2013)
Weapons: AK-47
Pump Shotgun
Businesses: Arms trafficking
Food manufacturing
Drug manufacturing
Fronts: Raven Abattoir
Members: Tao Cheng
Tao Cheng's Translator

The Wei Cheng Triad, also known as the Wei Chen Triad and the Los Santos Triads, are a Chinese Triad gang appearing as a secondary antagonist group in Grand Theft Auto V. The gang is led by Wei Cheng and is based out of Yangshan in Guangdong province, China with their Los Santos base in Little Seoul. The gang also own the Raven Abattoir on Orchardville Ave in Cypress Flats.

Gang history

The gang, based in Yangshan, China, purchased the Raven Abattoir on Orchardville Ave in Cypress Flats, Los Santos at some point prior to 2013. The gang, wanting to become more involved in the drugs trade in the United States, comes into contact with Trevor Philips Industries gang member Ron Jakowski who sets up a meeting to discuss the possibility of the Wei Cheng Triad buying methamphetamine from them. Wei Cheng sends his son Tao and a translator to the meeting. They are escorted to the Liquor Ace store, which is used as a front, but upon arrival Trevor is informed by Chef that the Los Varrios Aztecas are coming for revenge after Ortega was attacked/killed (depending on the players choice). Tao and his translator are then placed into a exterior freezer until Trevor and Chef are able to kill the attacking Aztecas. Tao and his translator, after being let out of the freezer, leave and area and later report the incident to Wei.

The gang then makes contact with the O'Neil Brothers in Grapeseed, another gang manufacturing methamphetamine. Trevor later meets Tao and his translator at the Yellow Jack Inn where he is informed the gang has decided to work with the O'Neils but only after assaulting Tao. Trevor then kills all but three of the gangs members and sets their house on fire. Wei Cheng, angry about losing his new American contact, sets his men to locate and kidnap Trevor. Trevor, however, leaves Sandy Shores and begins living in Los Santos. The triad gang members, in their attempts to find him, discover that he is flying to Ludendorff, North Yankton and follow him there. After discovering the fate of Bradley Snider, Trevor escapes as the gang attacks but Michael De Santa, who had followed Trevor in an attempt to stop him learning the truth, was kidnapped by the gang who believed him to be Trevor's lover.

The gang hold Michael hostage at the Raven Abattoir and phone Trevor, threatening to kill Michael if he did not turn up not knowing of Trevor's new found hatred for Michael. They later realised this and were about to kill Michael before Franklin Clinton, a friend of both Trevor and Michael, breaks into the abattoir and rescues Michael with the two escaping after killing all the triads present. The gang presumably continues to look for Trevor afterwards with Trevor listing the gang as his enemy during the third option to end GTA V. If this option is taken, Franklin is dispatched to the Pacific Bluffs Country Club to kill Wei Cheng, with Tao also present.

Mission appearances