Bohan Medical & Dental Center

The building housing the Bohan Medical & Dental Center in GTA IV.

The Bohan Medical & Dental Center is a regional hospital in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars, located along the northernmost end of Leavenworth Avenue in Northern Gardens, Bohan, Liberty City.


Designated a respawn point when the player dies the closest to the hospital, the Bohan Medical & Dental Center is unusual in design as it appears to be based within a complex that is also occupied by commercial businesses (including a 24/7) as well as an LCPD station on the northern side of the structure.

Like most hospitals in the game, the hospital has no interior, but features parked Ambulances to the southwest along Leavenworth Avenue, as well as a health pack behind the southern steps to the hospital.


  • The Bohan Medical & Dental Center is a good place to start a massacre and gain the "One Man Army" Achievement. To do this, the player has to gain a six star wanted level, either by killing the people outside and inside the hospital and destroying vehicles, or by typing in the "Gain One Star Wanted Level" cheat six times. Once the player has obtained the six star wanted level, hide at the back of the hospital. If any police officers come for you, just kill them. Keeping this up for five real-world minutes will give the player the achievement. If the player does run low on health, they can pick up the Health pack provided or they can enter the parked ambulances (although the ambulances to not restore all of the player's health), therefore staying alive.