Brian's Faction

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Brian's Faction
Brian Faction.png
Games: The Lost and Damned
Locations: Alderney
Liberty City
Leaders: Brian Jeremy (2008)
Enemies: The Lost Brotherhood
Russian Mafia
The Angels of Death
Affiliations: Pegorino Family
Billy Grey
Ray Boccino
Vehicles: Revenant
Businesses: Crystal Meth Trafficking
Vehicle Sales
Street Racing
Armed robbery
Fronts: Brian safehouse
Members: Brian Jeremy
Random Biker
Ray Boccino (Associate)

Brian's Faction is an outlaw motorcycle gang based at Alderney the gang is led by Brian Jeremy. The gang is a faction of the Lost Brotherhood who betray Johnny Klebitz after the arrested of Billy Grey

Before it's creation Brian and Billy take Johnny and Jim Fitzgerald to a drug deal with the triads which turns out to be an ambush but led to the arrest of Billy and Brian desertion for created his own faction of the Lost MC.

Brian pretended to want a truce with Johnny and the other members but turns out to be a trap and ordered the Billy loyal bikers them all. But Johnny, Jim ,Angus ,and Clay manege to escape.

Wipe Out

After find out where Brian is hiding Johnny ,Terry ,and Clay makes their way to finish it with Brian and his faction (depending the players choice) if you choose to kill Brian the gang is wipe out for good, if you spare Brian he gets be encountered as a Random Character and leads Johnny to an ambush to kill Johnny. However this fails and Brian is killed.