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Gripe Rebut, i really hate how they took out gta iv radio stations and added stupid ones rocstar did horrable on dlc diskJnr fan 05:45, August 14, 2010 (UTC)

Rebut I agree with you, man. But they probably took out the radio stations to add other stuff like the new weapons.

Gripe Rebut I feel that with the new episodes the game just seems to jump into things without really telling the player what is going on. With GTA IV Niko only knows as much as the player. With TBOGT Luis starts off talking to his friends and Tony and the only information the player has on whats going on is from the very few missions where GTA IV crosses over with thej other episodes. I would have liked them to give more info on guys like Henrique and Armando earlier on in the story.

Rebut The episodes don’t really jump into things. All they do is not tell the background of the story. If you want the background, look it up, lazy.

Gripe Rebut Not for PS3. Massive fail. I don't understand why Rockstar won't release for the PS3. It would only make them more money. And don't give me that "MS paid 50 mil for it" They could just wait for the 6 month contract to exprire on TBOGT and release a EOLC for PS3. --Black Artist 05:26, December 31, 2009 (UTC)

Rebut And who ever said except for speculation that there actually WAS a "six month contract". Don't get me wrong, I own a PS3 and I want PS3 DLC just as bad, and I do think that we'll get it some day, just not for a while (they need to give some time Xbox 360 sales of the fairly newly released TBOGT). Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk
Rebut I think Rockstar made a contract with Microsoft, you know, exclusivity of the Episodes. But in my opinion, I think we'll see either a PC or a PS3 version of this. Dunno if this is just rumors, but I think their contract will expire next year. 
Rebut Remember that Windows is also a Microsoft product, so I can pretty much confirm that the DLC will make it's way to PC, but once again, almost everyone has a PC, Microsoft wants people to buy 360s to get the DLC, so there is still a while before any port. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk
Rebut I have an Xbox 360, and I will not lie, the DLCs were not really that good. On TLAD and TBOGT, the story modes were too short. The TLAD story mode could be finished in hours, and the TBOGT story would take a day or 2 at most. TBOGT has only Team Deathmatch, Deathmatch, and racing, no other online game modes, and TLAD's multiplayer was rather boring. Trust me, you'd be better off getting another game than waiting for DLCs.
Rebut I'm not waiting for the DLC like it's a really important game. I am playing other games right now, I just hope to get the DLC some day so I can see the interlinking storylines. BTW, for an explaination of my username (if that's the reason you think I'm waiting), see my userpage. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 08:14, January 2, 2010 (UTC)
RebutThe stories do mix, but TLAD is a completely different path, involving the dowfall of the Lost because their leader betrayed them and TBOGT is about trying to get Gay Tony out of debt. TBOGT also has mission grades and there will be a PS3 trophy for completing all 25 or so missions to 100%. Another problem, I hguarentee you, is not many people will play on the DLCs unless you only like free modes. On the 360's the TLAD lobbies were almost always devoid of people and the multiplayyer game modes were boring. However, the new PC machinimas for this will be epic.
RebutI'm aware that they are different stories, but they do have an impact on Niko's (like the diamonds). My problem is that Niko my favourite protagonist of any GTA, so if Niko and (say) Luis meet up in a negative situation, I might not care much about Luis because I imagine that I would still like Niko better. As for online, I'm not much of an online player, That's why when people use the better online argument for why Xbox is better, it doesn't affect me. I might play online once a month, and would rather that be free. Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Xbox, I just prefer PS3! Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 05:58, February 14, 2010 (UTC)
RebutBoth Episodes are out for PS3 and PC. Not to be rude, but this gripe is closed, period.

Gripe You cant access the police Database (not the one in the Internet, the one in the police computers), neither do Most Wanted missions, in TBoGT or TLAD.

Gripe i think R* should have considered somehow making the weapons & vehicles from the DLC packs available in the maingame, much like Halo 3 does with maps and such (if its a similar thesis to these)
Rebut Somehow? That would be easy to do. They chose not to do it, and their explaination is that the features, etc. were designed with each protagonist in mind, which makes sense for some things (like all the bikes in TLAD), but not some others (like the Towtrucks in TBOGT). Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk

Rebut yeah i figured that was the reason, but i could see Niko Bellic firing an automatic shotgun and driving a bullet GT. 


Rebut Yeah, I mean, with some of the features, I agree with Rockstar, I can't imagine Niko playing golf for example. But as for vehicles and weapons, It doesn't make sense that three people (the three protagonists) are in the same city at the same time, who actually do interact with each other (It's not just they they don't meet so they never see the cars, eg, why doesn't Johnny ride one of his custom bikes in the main game?), but one of them (Niko) can't access all the same cars and guns as the others, and another (Johnny) can access more than Niko but not the same ones as Luis. Biggest GTA Fan EverTalk 08:03, January 2, 2010 (UTC)

I just found out I am not allowed to get the coffee achievement with Johnny, nor cleaned the mean streets, nor even the wheelie achievement (hell, that last one was MADE for Johnny). thats bullsh*t! before I even attempt it, can I do the 100% achievement? WTF R*?!?

Rebut Those achievements are the original's not DLC's and you can't have friends or girlfriends in The Lost and Damned. Think before you go mad and say that the game developer is stupid.
Rebut Actually, I managed to get Hot Coffee via a booty call in TBoGT.

Gripe Johnny's jumping, running, and parkour skills are greatly decreased. I haven't played TBOGT, but look at him when he jumps (stationary or moving) or runs. He also cannot vault most small objects. It looks so bad it makes me want to puke and is really annoying when trying to get away from stuff since he won't jump the fence or whatever else it is.

Rebut Johnny has a limp in his leg, this is because he had a bike accident. You would know this if you listened to the cut scenes you ignorant moron.

Rebut Kind of similar, when Luis runs, he sticks his head way too forward and looks like a god damn Jockey in Left 4 Dead 2.


Rebut Lol. Luis does run like a Jockey but that's because Rockstar wanted Luis to run with a more muscular appearance. Luis does run at the same rate Niko runs, though.

Gripe Rebut You immediately get a three-star-wanted level whenever you fly over Alderney State Correctional Facility. Sure, it's a minor thing, but in GTA IV, I can pretend to be an inmate. No Wanted level. Granted, you get three stars in Get Lost for trespassing, but why it happens in TBoGT, I have no idea.

Rebut It's tresspassing, what do you expect?

Rebut Then how come you don't get three stars when you play as Niko?

Rebut I figure they just forgot to edit the feature seeing as that the prison didn't play an important role until TLAD and they didn't pay much attention to it. After TLAD, maybe they got the personal revelation that you can't freely walk in a prison without the cops chasing you.
Rebut I'd just like to point out that in GTA IV, the Facility was actually the location to trigger Gerald McReary's missions, so it technicly does play a role in the storyline, TLAD only has one mission with the facility. However Niko is on the visitors list, which means he is granted permission into the facility. Johnny is breaking into it. Straight to the point, the gripe is solved
Rebut If you were a warden, and saw a helicopter flying low (which is the only way to get the 3 stars) over the jail, which is likely restricted airspace, wouldnt you call in the cops? I hate to play the realism card, but here it is effective.
Rebut If I was the warden, I’d tell the stupid corrupt officers to bring out there M4’s and shoot that mother fling bag down or have Godzilla or King Kong smash it! Wouldn’t you?


Gripe Rebut This is just a minor gripe, but, i wanted to share it. In TBoGT, I will be waiting outside the door of Maisonette 9 (and i mean directly in front of it) and when it finally becomes 21:00, I walk directly inside- letting no one in - go downstairs, and the club is packed, as if it had been open for hours! It would have been more realistic if people gradually came in, instead of it being full.

Rebut Guess they got locked in overnight

Rebut every night? I highly doubt it.

Rebut Well what's the fun in waiting for people who you can dance with for hours?

Rebut According to R*, the game's about realism.

Rebut They are always in there, they never leave because they are scripted to spawn in there. Just like all the vehicle obstacles in major car chases.

Rebut I just feel like it detracts from the realism Rockstar has been focusing on.

GripeExcept for the walking and running animations, Rocksar re-used all of Nikos animations and moves and transfered them to Johnny and Luis. That really detracts from the realism, and when u see random peds using the same animations it detracts from the living city feel that Rockstar aimed for. Realistically, Johnny and Luis should not be able to pull off Niko's army moves and such.

Gripe Rebut Luis' and Johnny's running animation looks plain gay and there are no special running animations for female characters in both episodes

Rebut Johnny has a bad leg that happend in a bike accident, and Luis; guessing he had too much sex to walk properly, for some reason.

Gripe Rebut also I noticed that in both episodes that you run slower with shotguns/assault rifles/snipers/Grenade launchers/P90s equipped than running with fists/melee weapons/light SMGs/Pistols/RPG/throwing weapons and in ordinary GTA 4 you run the same speed with whichever weapon you are wielding

Rebut They're heavy weapons, it's more realistic, also Niko was in the war so I can imagine he can do better with guns than Johnny and Luis can.

Gripe Rebut but considering that the RPG is a very heavy weapon, all characters can STILL run faster than others wielding puny shotguns and puny rifles

Rebut Johnny runs like a constipated girl on steroids and Luis runs like a Jockey from Left 4 Dead that is also constipated.

Gripe Rebut EFLC's radio stations are gay which make people with DLC TLAD incompatible with ELFC TLAD

Rebut That's YOUR opinion, how is this a valid gripe?

Gripe Rebut The good radio stations are gone an they are replaced by crap ones and if you downloaded TLAD on your hard drive then you cannot play with friends who own TLAD on EFLC and vice-versa, I have both versions but I find it very inconvenient


Gripe Rebut i cant seem to play normal gta 4 again tbogt automaticcaly comes on

Rebut pause the game, then load a game that has an original GTA4 save or start a new one


Gripe Rebut They should of added a feature where when you are falling and you open a parachute you should have been able to take out a SMG, pistol, grenade, molotov or sticky bombs and use them to make sure you land safely without being killed this would of been especially handy in BOGT multiplayer it would of gave the player a bit of a fighting chance if his being picked on.