Deathmatch is a multiplayer game mode in Grand Theft Auto IV consisting of two to sixteen players. The standard free-for-all in many online shooting games, players' only goal is to kill as many other players as possible. Players can also pick up money from deceased players. The player with the most money at the end of the match wins. There must be at least 2 players in the match, and no more than 16. You can play a similar Deathmatch in both GTA IV's Free Mode and Party Mode. While no specific score is capped, Free Roam unlocks the whole city, lots of vehicles and guns at your pleasure, just to shoot the living daylights out of other players. Party mode follows a similar principal. From both Free Roam and Party Mode, Deathmatch can be found.

In other shooting multiplayer games, Deathmatch is also known as Free For All or FFA.


The objective make the most money by the end of the match by killing other players. Each match will either have a time limit or a money limit.


The Host can change a number of factors including

  • A Time limit or a money limit
  • Auto Aim allowed or disallowed
  • The area the players will play in
  • The type of weapons available to players
  • The Weather and time of day
  • Either the map will show blips of all players, far players, near player, or no blips at all
  • The Respawn time and the amount of distance from other players when the player spawns
  • Whether Law Enforcement (ranging from the LCPD to NOOSE teams) to appear.


Money is awarded in Deathmatch by following ways:

  • Each kill grants you $100
  • Each suicide (kill yourself by explosives, fall damage or pedestrians) subtracts $100 from your money. If you have less than $100, your money will go to zero.
  • You can pick up money from fallen players. The money ranges around $10 to $30.
  • Your reward at the end of the match consists of the players you have killed, the money you have picked up and the suicides you have made. For instance, if you kill 7 players, pick up $62 money and suicide once, your reward will be $662.


  • Killing a Rockstar employee will grant you the "Let Sleeping Rockstars Lie" achievement. This can also be unlocked by killing someone with the aforementioned achievement.
  • Getting your first $1,000 will earn you your first rank promotion and "Cut Your Teeth" achievement.
  • Killing 20 players using a pistol in a single ranked match will give you the "Top of the Food Chain" achievement.


*-Only available in TLAD **-Only available in The Ballad of Gay Tony

The Ballad Of Gay Tony

On The Ballad of Gay Tony all locations are set up in small areas, such as the Libertonian Museum or the construction site, entire islands won't host Deathmatches anymore. Also, spawns are random, respawn invincibility has been removed, people respawn with full health AND FULL ARMOR (Except when players begin the game, they spawn without armor), and no gun remains that can have the trigger tapped on multiplayer.


  • Trespass is set in the abandonded Sprunk factory. With such high roofs and several floors, there is tons of space to hide. In a game set at this location, get onto the roof or catwalk, it provides a good vantage point.
  • Auld Reekie is set around the warehouse in Waste Not Want Knots. Try to avoid being caught in the middle, and stay out of the warehouse.
  • Ziggurat is set at the construction site near Helitours. It is the largest map in TBOGT and an Advanced MG is very good on this map.
  • Xero In is set in the warehouse in Hostile Negotiation. There are about 4 floors and SMGs are useful in this conflict.
  • Academically Challenged is set at Vespucci University. This map is perfect for small games. The size of the map makes the Advanced MG a good weapon.
  • Global Domination is set at the Civilization Commitee building, and is one of the larger maps. A sniper is very useful on this map, as is the Assault SMG.
  • Battle Station is set at a the Lynch Street Subway Station in the middle of Dukes, and is an OK map. SMGs are good for this one.


  • Pistol .44- Despite the slow rate of fire, small magazine capacity, and long reload, the extreme power and great range makes this an acceptable weapon.
  • Gold SMG- This gun has an incredibly high rate of fire that is perfect for combat or drive by shootings.
  • Assault SMG- This is not a bad gun, but it can not be used during drive-bys has slower firerate than the Gold SMG. On foot, however, this is better than the Gold SMG.
  • Advanced MG- This is arguably the best gun in the game. The rate of fire, power, accuracy, and magazine capacity of this weapon can turn 1 player into a moving turret.
  • Sticky Bombs- These are an oddity, as these are useful as in they can stick to objects and detonate remotely, rather than on a fuse, but have the same explosive force as grenades or pipe bombs. They can be used for trickery, as in placing sticky bombs on a vehicle, giving it to an enemy, and as soon as they get in, blow it up.
  • Automatic/Explosive Shotgun- While automatic shotgun is similar to Combat Shotgun, the explosive shotgun is a whopper. It will destroy cars, people, helicopters, or pretty much anything that can attack you.
  • Advanced Sniper- This is the likely the best sniper rifle in the game. It has explosive rounds, making helicopters that much easier to bring down. It's also very effective against people and vehicles

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