Vehicles in The Lost and Damned

A Hexer, one of the many new bikes introduced in this episode.

This is a list of vehicles introduced to Grand Theft Auto IV by The Lost and Damned, the first episodic pack. It introduces sixteen new motorcycles and seven new cars and trucks on top of the already large list of vehicles in GTA IV. Bike handling has been improved to encourage bike transportation, making the task of knocking the protagonist Johnny Klebitz off a bike a much harder task and sharp turns easier to make.




  • The Prison Bus is only used in the mission Off Route, and seen in the final mission Get Lost.
  • The Regina is only seen in the mission Heavy Toll.
  • A Tampa is only seen in the opening cutscene and is not seen in later missions nor on the streets. It cannot be obtained in this game.It can be however be obtained in The Ballad of Gay Tony
  • The Gang Burrito and the Slamvan are rare vehicles that are not seen on the streets unless if the player is driving one. The Gang Burrito is seen in early missions which involve the Angels of Death. Otherwise they appear in Gang Wars again involving the Angels of Death but do not appear commonly. The player can spawn either vehicle via cheat code.
  • The Rhapsody and Tow Truck are the only vehicles in this game that spawn commonly around all parts of Liberty City while not on a mission.
  • The horns on the Zombie, Hellfury and Freeway are different from the regular GTA IV and The Ballad of Gay Tony. The Hexer and Bati Custom also have different horns in The Ballad of Gay Tony.