Hang Ten

Hang Ten
Game GTA V
For Trevor Philips
Objective Take Wade Hebert to the Vanilla Unicorn
Fail Wade Hebert dies or is abandoned
Reward The Vanilla Unicorn as Trevor's Los Santos safehouse
Unlocks Surveying the Score
Unlocked by Derailed
Deaths Floyd Hebert

Hang Ten is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V, given by Trevor Philips for himself.


Trevor shows up at Floyd Hebert's condo for the first time since he kidnapped Patricia Madrazo. Floyd tells him to leave and "go ruin someone else's home furnishings". Floyd's girlfriend Debra, who has since returned from her business conference, demands to know who's outside, and Trevor kicks the door in, terrifying her. Debra demands that Trevor leave her condo; however, he staunchly refuses to leave, instead suggesting that she cheated on Floyd at her "conferences". Debra loses her temper, insulting Floyd and demands that he leave as well. She then draws a Pistol against Trevor, and Floyd retaliates by drawing a Knife. Trevor states in a menacing tone that Floyd and Debra are not nice people, and the screen goes black.

A short time later, Trevor exits the condo, covered in blood and breathing heavily, implying that he murdered Floyd and Debra. Wade Hebert then shows up, wanting to visit his cousin; however, Trevor does not want to reveal his previous actions, so he takes Wade to the Vanilla Unicorn. When Trevor and Wade arrive at the strip club, Trevor states that it's their new home. Trevor has two strippers show Wade a "good time for a long time" while he asks a third stripper where the manager's office is. Trevor enters the manager's office, telling Leon that he is his new "business partner". Off screen, Trevor murders Leon and stuffs his body into the fridge. The game then shifts to Michael De Santa's house, where he is on the phone with Lester Crest about beginning preparations for the Union Depository heist.

After the conclusion of the mission, the Vanilla Unicorn becomes Trevor's new Los Santos safehouse, and the Vespucci Beach condo is rendered permanently inaccessible.

Secondary objective

Objective Description
Time Complete the mission within 4 minutes.

Video walkthrough

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