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Donald Love asking Claude to act as a decoy to help the Old Oriental Gentleman escape from his hiding place in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale.

Donald Love asking Claude to act as a decoy to help the Old Oriental Gentleman escape from his hiding place in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale.
For Donald Love
Target Old Oriental Gentleman's escape
Location Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail Death of Claude
Arrest of Claude
Exit the Securicar for too long
Destruction of the Securicar
Reward $35,000
Unlocks Love's Disappearance
Unlocked by Escort Service

Decoy is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by media tycoon and businessman Donald Love from the Love Media building in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Claude drops by Love Media, looking for more work. Donald tells that SWAT and the police are guarding the Old Oriental Gentleman's location in Pike Creek, Shoreside Vale. Donald wants Claude to get in the van used by the Old Oriental Gentleman and act as a decoy to the police, in order to let the Oriental Gentleman escape.

Claude gets over to the location. He then gets inside the van, and gets a 6-star wanted level. He drives the van away from the warehouse, making the police chase him, with the Oriental Gentleman then having the opportunity to escape.


Donald Love: A lesson in business, my friend. If you have a unique commodity, the world and his wife will try to wrestle it from your grasp even if they have little understanding as to its true value. SWAT teams have cordoned off the area around my associate and the package. Get over there, pick up the van and act as a decoy. Keep them busy and he should make good his escape.

LCPD Dispatcher: All units be on the lookout for the security car in the Pike Creek area. Suspect is armed and dangerous.※

※Not shown in subtitles


The reward for this mission is $35,000. The mission Love's Disappearance is unlocked.


  • Even though the player gets a 6-star wanted level upon entering the Securicar, no soldiers, tanks, and Barracks OLs will actually appear as they normally would at this point. This is most likely because they would make it just about impossible to escape in the slow Securicar. Instead, the player gets chased by an endless fleet of Police cars, just like a three-star wanted level.
  • Neither Police Bribes nor the wanted level-reducing cheat work during this mission.
  • There is a glitch where even if the player has unlocked Shoreside Vale, their maximum wanted level is still capped at a five-star wanted level. Completing Decoy fixes this glitch.


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