A Drop in the Ocean

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A Drop in the Ocean
Donald Love learning Tai Chi from the Old Oriental Gentleman on the roof top of the Love Media building.

Donald Love learning Tai Chi from the Old Oriental Gentleman on the roof top of the Love Media building.
For Donald Love
Target Six packages
Location Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City
Fail The cops take packages
Reward $10,000
Unlocks Shoreside Vale
Grand Theft Aero
Marked Man (after completing Plaster Blaster)
Uzi Money
Six-star wanted level
Unlocked by Waka-Gashira Wipeout

A Drop in the Ocean is a mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by media tycoon and businessman Donald Love from the Love Media building in Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Claude goes to Donald Love's place looking for more work. A Dodo plane is dropping a few packages on the sea and Love wants him to pick them up before anyone else does. After being informed about the plane, Claude gets a car and drives to a boat. He follows the plane, and later on, the plane starts to drop packages. Claude collects all six, and then makes his way back to Love Media, all while avoiding the gained attention from the police, to give the packages to Donald.


(Donald Love, Old Oriental Gentleman, Claude at Love Media Building.)

Donald Love: In these days of moral hypocrisy, certain valuable commodities can be hard to import. On its approach to the airport tonight, a light aircraft will pass over the bay. It will drop several packages into the water. Make sure you pick them up before anyone else does.

(Upon completing the mission, news.)

News Reporter: Good news for commuters from Shoreside, engineers have finally managed to repair the damaged mechanism on the Staunton lift bridge and it is now opened to traffic flow both to and from Shoreside Vale.


The reward for this mission is $10,000. The missions Grand Theft Aero and Uzi Money are unlocked. The mission Marked Man is also unlocked, if Plaster Blaster has already been completed. The player can now access Shoreside Vale, following the completion of the Shoreside Lift Bridge and the whole of the Porter Tunnel. Also, the player can now gain a six-star wanted level.


  • This mission allows to obtain the FBI Car easily, without causing mayhem, which is needed for Import/Export. The player has to find a FBI Car, which chases him to the safehouse on Staunton Island. The FBI agents inside the car can be then killed without any intervention of FBI reinforcements or the police helicopter and the vehicle can be saved in the garage.
  • There is a glitch where sometime after this mission is completed, the player's maximum wanted level is capped at 5 stars instead of 6. Completing the Decoy mission fixes this.


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