Frosting on the Cake/Walkthrough

The following is a walkthrough for the mission Frosting on the Cake in The Ballad of Gay Tony.

Drive the Stretch E with Evan to the docks where the Platypus in Broker, where The Cook is waiting. Listen to Evan whine, but try not to damage the limo too much. Once you arrive, a cutscene will start showing the deal going down. At first everything is fine, but soon Johnny Klebitz and the Broker Chapter of the Lost biker gang show up to crash the deal. Luis, Tony and Costas will dive into the Stretch E, and Evan with the diamonds jump into the stretch. Now, instead of driving, you'll be riding shotgun, with the camera facing behind the car, and are given Sticky Bombs in order to hold off of the chasing bikers and trucks. Try to aim for their front tires, and destroy roadblock as soon as you get to them. Once you near the Algonquin Bridge an APC will show up, along with a NOOSE Annihilator. Throw as many Sticky Bombs as you can until the APC explodes, and 2 or 3 to drop the chopper. At the end of the bridge, your driver is shot and you must lose the heat, regaining control of the limo. Lose the heat, and go to Hercules to end the mission. The mission ends when Tony tells you that Evan was killed, apparently while bleeting online about his impending doom at the hands of Johnny Klebitz, and the diamonds are lost.