Gauntlet (mission)

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Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
Michael De Santa
Trevor Philips
For Lester Crest
Objective Acquire and modify three Gauntlets for the Union Depository heist
Location Los Santos
Fail Any Gauntlet is destroyed
Unlocks The Big Score (subtle approach, after Stingers is also completed)
Unlocked by Planning the Big Score

Gauntlet is a three-part mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonists Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, and Trevor Philips by Lester Crest in Los Santos.


Michael, Trevor, or Franklin, after receiving an email showing the locations of three Gauntlets found by the hacker chosen earlier, the chosen protagonist steals the three Gauntlets located outside Caca in Rockford Hills, outside the Templar Hotel in Mission Row and on the top level of a multistory car park in Pillbox Hill. After stealing each of the Gauntlets, they are driven to Los Santos Customs where Hao does the necessary work for their plans to steal the gold bricks from the Union Depository. The Gauntlets are then stored in a garage on Elysian Island.

Pre mission email

Car locations

The 4 muscle cars - we're going w Bravado Gauntlets. I moded 1 and the test worked well, so we just need 3 more. Hacker pulled some images from the CCTV ntwrk showing models in LS - we hired someone good, and they managed to get bring up the geotag on the image, so finding em should be easy. Any 3 Gauntlets will do if those ones don't work out. Get em, take em to LS Customs for modding, and drop em in the lockup. Pics below:

Pillbox Hill
On top of a multistory parking lot, Pillbox Hill.

Rockford Hills
CaCa in Rockford Hills. The jewelry store we knocked off is behind it.

Mission Row
That's Templar hotel, south east of Legion Square.


Secondary objectives

The game treats obtaining the three Gauntlets as separate missions rather than as one mission, meaning it is possible to earn a gold medal for one and a silver or bronze for another.

Objective Description
Mapped Deliver the Gauntlets pictured in the email.
Not a Scratch Deliver the Gauntlets with no damage.
Pimped Out Spend $17,000 modifying the Gauntlets.


  • The player can use any Gauntlet found to pass the mission, whether stolen or purchased from for $32,000 per car; however, to earn a gold medal for the mission, the player must steal the cars from the specified locations.

Video walkthrough

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