Gripped! is a side mission in Grand Theft Auto III. It is the third and last off-road checkpoint mission encountered by the player. It is triggered by entering a Patriot which is in a park accessed from picnic place near Wichita Gardens in Shoreside Vale. It is similar to Patriot Playground.


This is the hardest side mission of GTA III, but don't be discouraged, the hardest part is at the start, which means the player can replay it quicker should they fail. If the car is intact after a failed attempt, just park it near the start, get out, and get in, the mission will restart.

Drive to a small hill in the south for first checkpoint. Return to the start, approach the second checkpoint from north, if the player tries to climb the cliff from first checkpoint, the mission will be failed.

Now the hardest part begins. Checkpoint three, four and five are located on the steep cliff under Cedar Grove. Just press down the accelerator and hope that the car will make it. Also, try a different approach with an angle. This part takes several tries.

If the player passes, then pick up sixth and seventh checkpoints outside the main road of Cedar Grove, Colombian Cartels will attack Claude, but that doesn't matter.

Go north, pick up the eighth along the road, don't let Colombians bust Claude.

Now Claude is under the Observatory of Liberty City, checkpoints are scattered, but none propose as an obstacle, just don't fall off the cliff near the road.

For the last checkpoint, let the car fall off from the east side of the closed tunnel. It'll land on the checkpoint on the roof of the tunnel and the player will win.

Video walkthrough

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