Stretch (GTA V)

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Harold Joseph
Appearances GTA V
Full Name Harold Joseph
Aliases Stretch
Gender Gender::Male
Nationality American
Home Los Santos
Bolingbroke Penitentiary
Family Renatta Sidwell (girlfriend)
Unnamed child
Main Affiliations Demarcus Bradley (friend))
JB Bradshaw (friend)
Franklin Clinton (former friend)
Lamar Davis (former friend)
Sharonda Mills (friend)
Tonya Wiggins (friend)
The Families (former gang member)
Ballas (gang member)
Occupation Gang member
Voiced by Hassan Johnson

Harold Joseph, better known as Stretch, is a character in the HD Universe who appears as a supporting character and secondary antagonist in Grand Theft Auto V. He is voiced by Hassan Johnson.

Character history

Harold "Stretch" Joseph is a Families gang member, boyfriend of Renatta Sidwell and a father to one child, who is incarcerated in Bolingbroke Penitentiary. Prior to his arrest he had been a prominent member of the gang and knew many of the younger members including Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton. Stretch took a disliking tp Franklin, putting him down on a frequent basis calling them 'baby G's' and bitches, among other things. He continues to stick to his gang code while in prison, even breaking the jaw of a fellow inmate who had been talking to the authorities for which he received five days in solitary confinement. While inside Bolingbroke he continued to exert his influence on The Families gang, claiming to still be 'running the show'. In 2013 he comes up for parole with the authorities deciding to set him up with a cleaning job and, in the run up to being released, begins peace talks with the Ballas. He agrees to join forces with the gang shortly before leaving prison. It is also suggested that he had sexual intercourse with some of his fellow inmates and even asks if any of his female Lifeinvader friends would marry him, which would result in a conjugal visit.

Lamar meets him upon his release and the two meet up with Franklin, who is informed of a plan to buy drugs from a nearby recycling centre. When they enter the room the deal is to take place in, Franklin recognising the drug dealer having previously attempted to kidnap him with Lamar and Chop. Stretch, unimpressed with the gangsters in The Families, had set up the deal so the Ballas would ambush them and kill Franklin and Lamar. The police, however, turn up and disrupt the plan with Stretch killing D before the three escape. Stretch again tries to set up Franklin and Lamar when the two, along with Trevor Philips, attempt to buy drugs from a dealer on Grove Street. The three are ambushed by the Ballas but manage to escape. Franklin, after each of the two ambushes, suggests to Lamar that Stretch had set them up with Stretch warning Franklin to stop suggesting his involvement in any set ups.

Franklin, having moved to a new house leaves Stretch and Lamar to continue to do their criminal activities until he rescues Lamar from another Ballas ambush with the help of Trevor and Michael De Santa. Franklin is then able to convince Lamar that Stretch was behind the attacks, stating that even Tanisha Jackson knew Stretch was behind the attacks despite no longer living or visiting the poorer neighbourhoods of Los Santos.

If the player chooses to save Michael and Trevor, Michael will kill Stretch while he plays basketball at the B.J. Smith Recreation Center and Park in an attempt by Franklin, Michael and Trevor to take out their enemies.

Mission appearances


Murder committed

  • D (after the police turned up in a planned ambush)

Lifeinvader updates

His own page
  • Caught a chump dry snitchin broke his face codes the code mothafucka
  • Im getting 5 days in D-seg for breaking that homie's jaw guess I shouldn't write this stuff on lifeinvader
  • Inside or outside I'm still running the show.
  • Just got out of the hole more man than I went in they cant break me
  • PG Jackson might be the biggest sellout in the history of hiphop.
  • New tattoo leakin real nasty I said that needle wasn't right
  • They trying to place me in a cleaning job when I get out. Only thin ill be cleaning is ballas outta davis
  • Crossing lines, building bridges, doin my thing. I'm getting diplomat up in this mofo.
  • Don't know why people are still sending kites when we're all on lifeinvader???
  • You do your time, you keep your mouth shut.
  • Any of the bitches stalking my page on lifeinvader wanna marry me so I can get a conjugal visit? #needafemalehole
  • You expect homies to carry things on in your absence but younguns got no respect no more.
  • Just a quick update to prove that I have 100% not broken curfew
  • Take your finger off the pause button coz I'm out bitchzzzzz! Bolingbroke Prison I hope I aint seein you again no time soon.
  • All I'm seeing out here now in South LS is a lot of baby G's
  • Chamberlain Hills got full of bitches in the last couple of years and not in a good way.
  • You gotta be smart to get old in this hood
Franklin Clinton's page
  • Enjoy your last few days of thinking you call any shots. Hope you missed me.
  • That shit at the warehouse today that's what happens when you try to be something you're not. Don't try to run before you can walk especially in shoes that you aint big enough to fill yet.
  • Whats this about you saying I set you up? Keep runnin your mouth like that you gonna take a fall.
  • Don't know what happened with that thing in Davis but I'll find the homie that turned us.
Lamar Davis' page
  • If u think ur so Native American I'm gonna start calling you Big Chief Talking Bull and Little Dick Running Mouth
  • You best start rolling out that red carpet coz I'm getting out next week!
  • Holla at me whenever u and franklin put each others dicks down for a minute
  • That mess at the plant that aint on me. Your eye's off the ball. Don't get it twisted CGF is in your DNA you can't change that. So whatever this Forum shit is you and Franklin got going it need to get gone. Keep your boy in check.
Demarcus Bradley's page
  • So they transferring you to Bolingbroke?