Chop (mission)

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Denise Clinton leaving her house while Franklin looks on.

Denise Clinton leaving her house while Franklin looks on.
Game GTA V
Protagonist Franklin Clinton
For Lamar Davis
(Franklin's "F" icon is seen on the Radar)
Objective Chase down and kidnap D
Location Strawberry safehouse on Forum Dr in Strawberry, Los Santos
Fail Lamar Davis dies
Chop dies
D dies
Lamar's van is destroyed
Reward Interacting with Chop
Street, sport and race breaks at Los Santos Customs
Unlocks The Long Stretch
Unlocked by Repossession
Pulling Favors

Chop is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to Franklin Clinton by Lamar Davis from the Strawberry safehouse on Forum Dr in Strawberry, Los Santos.


Franklin returns his house and while walking towards the front door hears his aunt Denise about to leave so decides to hide at the side of the house. He goes to enter the house when he hears Lamar Davis, who is walking his dog Chop. While walking to a van, Lamar explains his plan to kidnap Ballas gangster D. Franklin gets into the drivers seat while Lamar opens the back door to let Chop in before sitting in the passengers seat. The two drive to an alleyway off Clinton Ave in Downtown Vinewood where they locate D. The two spot D, put on balaclavas and confront him. D, on a motorcycle, speeds off with Franklin and Lamar giving chase. D is eventually knocked off his motorcycle by a bus and runs off towards a train yard. Franklin and Chop give chase on foot while Lamar continues in the van.

After looking in a number of train carriages, Chop locates D and a brief chase begins with Chop taking D down allowing Franklin to catch up. D is put into the back of the van and Franklin drives back to Forum Drive. Upon arriving Lamar phones the Ballas with a ransom demand, despite being warned against it by Franklin as they can track the phones location. Franklin allows D to escape and throws Lamar's iFruit phone out the window. He then drives Lamar and Chop to the B.J. Smith Recreation Center and Park.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Not a Scratch Complete the mission with minimal damage to Lamar's van.
Homedog Enter Chop's perspective for ten seconds.
Advanced Reflexes Use Franklin's special ability for seven seconds.


Post mission phone call

Franklin Clinton: Wassup, homie.

Lamar Davis: Eh, look. Chop got to stay round your crib for a while, homie. That's cool?

Franklin Clinton: Yeah, man, it's cool. It's the best place for him, anyway.

Lamar Davis: Like it ain't nobody out there gunning for your black ass. Bullshit, nigga. Just take care of him, man, alright?

Franklin Clinton: Alright, I got you dog.

Social Media updates


Franklin Clinton's page
  • Lamar Davis: Ok that thing with D and the phone call maybe not my smartest move ever but that's how I do it, F! When yuo got apache blood you fly a little closer to the sun!
  • LS Customs: Street brakes, sport brakes, race brakes. We got it all at Los Santos Customs.
  • Nicolson Bell: What's with your aunt? Walking around like a duck hollering about womenhood?
Lamar Davis' page
  • Lamar Davis: Me and Chop got a special understanding that's my apache blood at one with the animals
  • Harold 'Stretch' Joseph: Holla at me whenever u and franklin put each others dicks down for a minute
  • Demarcus Bradley: What are you playin at? Ballas are bugging up in here. Watch your back.


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The player must complete Chop in order to unlock The Long Stretch. Lamar also leaves Chop with Franklin unlocking the use of the 'Chop' section of the real-life iFruit app. Street, sport and race brakes become available at Los Santos Customs.


Video walkthrough

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