Industrial, Bohan

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Panoramic view of Industrial, as viewed to the northeast from over Dukes Bay.

Industrial is a large neighborhood in central Bohan, Liberty City. It is bordered to the northeast by the Dukes Bay Bridge and the Northern Expressway (Little Bay); to the north by Leavenworth Avenue (Northern Gardens); to the northwest by Greene Avenue (Boulevard); to the west by Attica Avenue (Fortside); to the southwest by Windmill Street (Chase Point); and to the south by Dukes Bay.


Industrial, as its name suggests, is primarily an industrial zone. It's the location of Bohan's (active) docking facilities and is home to a number of warehouses, auto repair shops, and other manufacturing structures. Residential areas exist within the neighborhoods, but they are few and far in-between.

Many of the neighborhood's buildings are run-down and desolate, leading many to think of the area as being "seedy", "slummy", "grimy", "poor", and so on. Many prostitutes can be found roaming the streets of Industrial when night hits, contributing to the negative image the neighborhood portrays. The area also features a partially completed roadbridge that crosses over Dukes Bay, intending to connect eastern Industrial and Little Bay to Chase Point.


Industrial's setting as a poor, waterside industrial neighborhood suggests that it is Liberty City's equivalent of Port Morris and Soundview in Bronx, New York.

Places of interest

A Burger Shot establishment is located in the neighborhood at the intersection of Drill Street and Lompoc Avenue.

Another prominent landmark is an abandoned factory located on the southeastern end of the area, having been used to hold Roman Bellic hostage after Johnny Klebitz and Malc kidnap him during The Lost and Damned in "Roman's Holiday". This turn of event is followed up by "Hostile Negotiation" in GTA IV, when Niko Bellic must rescue Roman.


The Liberty City Subway does not serve Industrial. The Windmill Street station is the closest to the neighborhood, located right at the Industrial-Chase Point border.