Middle Park East Safehouse

The exterior of the apartment housing the Middle Park East safehouse. The safehouse is located on the top floor (seen with two large windows).
For other safehouses located in Algonquin, see Algonquin Safehouse.

The Middle Park East safehouse, at the Albany Avenue and Pyrite Street intersection in Middle Park East, is the third or fourth Safehouse acquirable by Niko Bellic in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Getting the safehouse

Unlocked after the mission Hostile Negotiation, it is bought by Roman Bellic after he receives a great deal of money from one of his card games. The safehouse is a huge improvement over the South Bohan Safehouse (which, unlike the Broker Safehouse, remains accessible), and is superior to the next safehouse obtained later in the game.

Around the same time of acquiring this safehouse, Niko can "earn" (depending on a decision made by the player, in the mission The Holland Play) another one in Algonquin, which is an improvement over this one.


The safehouse is well equipped and very modern, including a bedroom with a king-sized bed and a cow-skin carpet, a wine cellar in the back, a proper kitchen with a small island, several armchairs and leather sofa in front of a Panoramic flat-screen TV, and a laptop which can be used to log on to the in-game internet for free. There is an inaccessible door like the other safehouses, which likely leads to the bathroom.

The immediate vicinity has two locations of note: a Grotti dealership that can be entered and a Turismo stolen (handy to know for dating those with high-end vehicle preferences), and Alexandra Chilton's home is only a few blocks away. An entrance to the Quartz East subway station is just to the north, and the safehouse, being located near the river, has arguably the best views of any of the safehouses (though only from the street level).


  • All of the main furniture in the safehouse might be Krapea items. Krapea is a spoof of IKEA, a Swedish furnishing company. The main dining room area can be seen on a photo on Krapea's website, with "K" tags on the chairs and table.
  • Although it has a fully stocked wine cabinet you still have to go out to a bar to get drunk.
  • The safehouse is the only one in GTA IV which Internet access is available within the actual residence; while Playbox X's penthouse does have the same feature, it is only available via the security guard's computer in the lobby of the apartment.
  • If you look at the small couches closely, you can see that the Rockstar Logo is shown on it, However, it's very hard to notice.
  • The Middle Park East safehouse is a perfect place to obtain the "One Man Army" achievement/trophy. To do this the player has to do the following: access the internet on the safehouse's laptop and go to littlelacysurprisepageant.com inside the apartment, therefore gaining a five star wanted level. The player must then either activate the "increase wanted level" cheat (this does not block any achievements) or head down to the lobby and kill police officers that come in. As soon as the player kills enough police officers to get bumped up to six stars or gains a six star wanted level with the first method, immediately head back for the elevator to the apartment. The player will have six stars, but the police won't be able to follow you up. Set down the controller, go make yourself a sandwich, and come back to a new achievement. When the player has achieved the achievement, save your game, and you'll be back to full health with the wanted level wiped out.
  • Traffic in front of this safehouse is extremely heavy. As such it's common for cars in the "residents parking" space to be hit and sometimes even pushed out of the parking spot (Niko needs to repark these vehicles in order to make sure they are saved). Also, opened doors on cars saved will sometimes get torn off from traffic, the best way to avoid this is to park the cars FACING traffic than parking along so that the driver's door opens up to the sidewalk. If Roman's taxi service is used to travel to the safehouse, the driver may run into the parked cars too.