United Liberty Paper Contact

Edward T. Fortune
Appearances GTA IV
Full Name Edward T. Fortune
Aliases United Liberty Paper Contact
Gender Gender::Male
Date of Death 2013 (can be killed)
Nationality American
Home Liberty City (2008)
Los Santos (2013)
Main Affiliations IAA (employer)
Niko Bellic (2008)
Voiced by Milton James

The United Liberty Paper Contact (possible name Edward T. Fortune) is a character in the HD Universe appearing as a major character in Grand Theft Auto IV and a minor character in Grand Theft Auto V. He appears as Niko Bellic's contact in United Liberty Paper in GTA IV and an IAA agent in GTA V. He is voiced by Milton James.


The certificate that bears the name Edward. T. Fortune

The United Liberty Paper Contact, at some unknown point in time, became a secret government agent and started working for the IAA. In GTA V, his former apprentice Karen has gone on to work for the IAA full time.

The contact makes mention of having a past military career in the Army. It is revealed in the cutscene of the first mission for the IAA that the contact speaks Serbian, the language of Niko's homeland; he says to Niko that America is "just like the old country", to which Niko replies: "Just like it".

Role in GTA IV

The United Liberty Paper Contact is first formally introduced in the mission Wrong is Right by Michelle (Real Name Karen) shortly after the mission The Snow Storm. He then starts assigning Niko missions. The first mission he assigns to Niko is to find out as much information on a man called Oleg Minkov and deal with him. He then orders Niko to deal with a Russian terrorist organization leader. He then sends Niko to fetch a helicopter and deliver it to Francis International Airport. Niko is then tasked with using the same helicopter he obtained to finish off a Russian Businessman. His last assignment to Niko is to destroy Russian cocaine vans. After completing all of these missions, the ULP contact will phone Niko and tell him that he has arranged to have Darko Brevic brought into Liberty City at Francis International Airport as a favor by U.L. Paper in repayment for Niko's services to the organization and to Jon Gravelli.

Mission appearances


Murders committed


  • The United Liberty Paper contact is based in room 396 in the ULP building in The Triangle
  • The United Liberty Paper contact is a smoker.
  • All of the United Liberty Paper contact's missions involve Russians (except for That Special Someone).
  • While the mission string for U. L. Paper is still available, and having managed to attain a wanted level of three or more stars, Niko will, after evasion or death, receive a phone call from the U. L. Paper contact expressing his displeasure at Niko's recklessness in that he can now get away with things. In some instances, high wanted levels will cause him to call you and comment about Niko's "johnson" being too big to keep in his pants.
  • A diploma hanging on his office wall has the name "Edward T. Fortune". The same diploma can be seen hanging on the wall of Vic Manzano's office. Therefore, it can be assumed that it is just a generic model.
  • It is possible that U.L. Paper contact's appearance was based on Bosnian Serb writer Ivo Andrić, referring to his possible Serbian heritage.