Adam's Apple Blvd

Adam's Apple Blvd
Road information
West end: Calais Ave
Intersections: Alta St
Power St
Elgin Ave
Strawberry Ave
Fantastic Pl
Sinner St
East end: Little Bighorn Ave

Adams Apple Blvd is a street in Los Santos, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The boulevard runs from Little Seoul in the west to Mission Row in the east, running through Pillbox Hill. Adam's Apple Blvd has connections to Alta St, Calais Ave, Elgin Ave, Fantastic Pl, Innocence Blvd, Little Bighorn Ave, Power St, Sinner St and Strawberry Ave, and runs under the La Puerta Freeway at its western most point.

Events of HD Universe

The protagonist of GTA Online returns a number of repossessed vehicles to Premium Deluxe Motorsport, as do Franklin Clinton and Lamar Davis during the mission Franklin and Lamar. A window at the dealership is later destroyed by Franklin while being held at gunpoint by Michael De Santa during Complications, which later opens up a random encounter allowing the player to kill the dealerships owner Simeon Yetarian. Franklin, Lamar and Stretch also go to the Ammu-Nation located on the street during The Long Stretch.

Businesses and places

Name Location Street Type
Ammu-Nation Pillbox Hill Elgin Ave Weapons
Auto Repair Mission Row Fantastic Pl Auto parts
Banner Hotel & Spa Pillbox Hill Alta St Hotel
Discount Kitchen Supplies Mission Row Furniture
Get Aweigh Mission Row/Strawberry Sports
Mile High Club (under construction) Pillbox Hill Power St Club
Pillbox Hill Garage Strawberry Private garage
Pillbox South Station Pillbox Hill Metro station
Premium Deluxe Motorsport Mission Row Power St Auto dealership
Sanders Motorcycles Mission Row Auto dealership
Schlongberg Sachs Pillbox Hill Strawberry Ave Bank
Templar Hotel Mission Row Fantastic Pl Hotel
Vapid Strawberry Auto dealership
The Vault Mission Row Strawberry Ave Nightclub
Wholesale Hosiery Mission Row Sinner St Clothing