Los Desperados/Script

The following is a script of the Los Desperados mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


(On the phone)

Sweet: Yeah, so get the place locked down. No one's gonna ruin the hood. You hear me? No one! Alright, see you.

(Sweet hangs up, Carl comes in)

Carl Johnson: Whattup?

Sweet: We almost got the hood under control, man. CJ, this is some serious shit, man.

Carl Johnson: Hey, man, I know, man. I went through a lot of shit for this family since you been gone, so I know.

Sweet: What? For yourself. Not for the family. Don't get shit confused, nigga.

Carl Johnson: Man, when you gonna give me a break?

Sweet: When you stop acting like you the man. You keep yapping on what you done did, let me tell you what I done did. When Kendl needed shoes, I went out and got the money. When Moms needed an operation, I robbed people for the bread. While you were off in Liberty City thinking about your own shit. For five years, come on man. Now you do something, you want a fucking parade? Nigga, please.

Carl Johnson: That ain't fair man.

(Cesar arrives)

Cesar Vialpando: Carl, man, I need your help.

Carl Johnson: Man, I'm kinda busy right now. Family shit.

Cesar Vialpando: I helped you guys, hombre. It's time you helped me and my homies. My hood's screwed up too. We got this shitty neighborhood on lockdown now.

Carl Johnson: Alright, what you need?

Cesar Vialpando: It's time to get my old gang back together, push out those yay-slanging punks, eh.

Carl Johnson: I know, but I got a lot going on right here in my own hood, man. And I made my brother a promise.

Sweet: All your brother wants you to do is to pay back your debts, CJ.

Carl Johnson: Alright, I hear you. I got your back - c'mon, let's roll.

Cesar Vialpando: Orale! The Varrio's coming back!


Carl Johnson: OK, so what's the plan?

Cesar Vialpando: We're going to meet three of my veterano's over at Unity Station.

Carl Johnson: Three, is that all? A'ight, I'm a get a couple of Family boys to come through too.

(While recruiting)

Cesar Vialpando: Shit's real serious, man, look at the streets, eh.

Carl Johnson: Yeah, we better watch ourselves, man.

Cesar Vialpando: Don't want to get caught on Ballas turf while this shit's going down.

Carl Johnson: Man, Tenpenny brought the central to its knees.

(In the car)

Cesar Vialpando: While we here, I, eerr, I have a question to ask you.

Carl Johnson: Yesh? What?

Cesar Vialpando: Well it's... it's personal.

Carl Johnson: Come on, man, we're brothers, you and me. You can ask me anything.

Cesar Vialpando: OK, here goes. I want to ask Kendl the question.

Carl Johnson: What's the problem? Call here, dude, here, use my phone.

Cesar Vialpando: Noo, holmes, THE question!

Carl Johnson: What? Oh shit, you mean POP THE question. Well, I'm OK with that, you know, I appreciate you asking my permission and shit but -

Cesar Vialpando: Nah. I know you're cool. It's Sweet that is the problem, could you talk to him?

Carl Johnson: Sure thing, Cesar, I'll talk to him.

Cesar Vialpando: Thank you, CJ, that means a lot to me.

(Carl, Cesar and two GSF members arrive at Unity Station)

Sunny: Those Vagos, man, I'm gonna cut those cacos. Raspalo hasta el hueso!

Cesar Vialpando: Hey, carnales, what's cracking, holmes?

Gal: Cesar! And you must be CJ. Cesar says you cool, so we cool, holmes.

(Approaching Vagos territory)

Cesar Vialpando: OK. Check it out. We will have to work our way through this neighborhood to get to my house. If we stick together those Vagos pendejos won't stand a chance! Watch each others' backs, amigos. Hasta la muerte!

Everyone else: HASTA LA MUERTE!

(While attacking the first set)

Cesar Vialpando: Quickly, go! GO!

(Once done)

Cesar Vialpando: That's the last of them, let's move out!

(Arrives at alleyway)

Cesar Vialpando: That was the easy bit, eh. Now we go into the viper's nest. This is were it gets tough. Luckily we have a little surprise up our sleeves, eh, Sunny!

Carl Johnson: That's a rocket launcher man! We'll bring the National Guard down on us!

Cesar Vialpando: Look around you, CJ, the whole city is a war zone! C'mon, I want to take my house back!

(While shooting at Vagos gang members)

Sunny: Hazer!

Cesar Vialpando: Shit, Hazer...

Sunny: He is pretty bad, Cesar...

Cesar Vialpando: Heads up! More Vagos! They're coming over the walls!

(Vagos surround them)

Sunny: More Vagos behind us!

(Approaching the last wave of Vagos)

Cesar Vialpando: Let's fucking finish this!

Carl Johnson: I'm with you man, let's take these punks.

Vagos gangster: Vagos rule this varrio now - Aztecas are no more! Burn them!

(After finishing off all the Vagos gangsters)

Carl Johnson: Alright, that's the last of 'em.

Cesar Vialpando: How is Hazer?

Sunny: We need to get him to a hospital!

Carl Johnson: Hey, I'll take him.

Cesar Vialpando: CJ, you have done more than enough, holmes. You should get back to the Grove.

Carl Johnson: Alright ese, I'll see you after all this is settled down.

Cesar Vialpando: Thank you, CJ and good luck, my friend.