Rub Out

Rub Out
Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance preparing to storm Ricardo Diaz' mansion with their heavy weaponry.
Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance preparing to storm Ricardo Diaz' mansion with their heavy weaponry.

Tommy Vercetti and Lance Vance preparing to storm Ricardo Diaz' mansion with their heavy weaponry.
Game GTA Vice City
For Tommy Vercetti, yet marked as Ricardo Diaz
Target Kill Ricardo Diaz for kidnapping and attempting to kill Lance Vance and for killing Lance's brother.
Location Starfish Island, Vice City
Fail Death of Tommy Vercetti
Arrest of Tommy Vercetti
Death of Lance Vance
Reward $50,000
Vercetti Estate
White Infernus
Unlocks Love Juice
Unlocked by Death Row

Rub Out is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City which the protagonist Tommy Vercetti does independently in Starfish Island, Vice City.


After Lance Vance attempted to kill Ricardo Diaz for killing his brother only to be kidnapped in the process, Tommy and Lance need to kill him before he can attack them. They meet on the bridge to Starfish Island, with Lance providing Tommy with an M4 Carbine from the trunk of a Stallion. They enter Diaz's mansion and manage to shoot their way through the mansion's gardens. They enter the mansion through the back door, next to an indoor pool, and shoot their way through the hallways. They eventually reach the main hall where Diaz is waiting, having spotted them entering his property through CCTV.

Diaz has eight guards as protection but they, along with Diaz himself, are killed. Diaz manages to crawl to the top of the stairs and claims to have trusted Tommy, before Tommy and Lance kill him.


Lance Vance: I got us some cannons in the trunk.

(Lance opens his car's trunk.)

Tommy Vercetti: Holy shit! Where'd you get all this stuff!?

Lance Vance: Been saving it for a rainy day. You like?

(Tommy and Lance pull out some M4 Carbines from the Stallion's trunk.)

Tommy Vercetti: Yeah, I like.

(Tommy and Lance enter Diaz's Mansion)

Tommy Vercetti: This place is gonna be crawling with careful...

Lance Vance: Don't worry, Tommy. I'll cover you. This way!

Tommy Vercetti: Diaz must be inside!

Lance Vance: Hey Tommy, can my room have a view of the bay?

Lance Vance: Beautiful high ceilings in here...

(Tommy and Lance fight their way to the main hall in Diaz's mansion, where they meet Ricardo Diaz)

Tommy Vercetti: DIAZ?! I've come to take over your business!

Ricardo Diaz: TOMMY! You betrayed me, you idiot! I'm gonna kill you real soon!

Lance Vance: Eat this, you murdering bastards!

(Tommy and Lance shoot past Diaz's guards and shoot Diaz in his office)

Ricardo Diaz: You stupid beautiful house...look what you've done to it!

Lance Vance: This is for my brother!

(Lance kicks Diaz onto his chest and then aims his gun at him, so does Tommy.)

Ricardo Diaz: I trusted you, Tommy. I woulda had you made...

(Tommy looks at Lance doubtfully but then aims his gun at Diaz yet again.)

Lance Vance: Say goodnight, Mr. Diaz!

(Tommy and Lance shoot Diaz in the face.)

Post mission phone call script

Kent Paul: Tommy son, have I got a surprise for you, I'm down at the recording studios with some major artists. Why don't you pay us a visit? You know it makes sense, dontcha? See ya later.


The reward for completing this mission is $50,000. The Vercetti Estate is acquired as an asset and safehouse. A non-interactive Hidden Package broken in half with white powder spilling out of it will spawn on the mini-bar in Tommy's suite at the Ocean View Hotel. The MP, M4, and the .357 are unlocked for purchase at the Downtown Vice City Ammu-Nation. The missions Love Juice and Shakedown are unlocked. The Infernus parked outside the Vercetti Estate now always spawns in a white color.


  • Lance's line “Been saving it for a rainy day.” when asked where he got his M4 is very similar to The Truth's line in the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas mission Are You Going to San Fierro?, where The Truth says to Carl Johnson before being asked about his rocket launcher, “Hold on, I got a little something back here I was saving for a rainy day.”
  • Rub Out and The Job are the only missions in the entire Grand Theft Auto series where the monetary reward is higher than that of the final mission.
  • There are two routes to deal up this mission. One goes from the left, and another one from the right.
  • Until the player physically enters the mansion itself, they can receive a wanted level.


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