Maze Bank Arena

The Maze Bank Arena is a sports arena in the La Puerta district of Los Santos in Grand Theft Auto V. It is the home arena of the Los Santos Panic basketball club. Maze Bank owns the arena's naming rights.


The Maze Bank Arena is not based on any one specific sporting venue in the Greater Los Angeles Area, but instead is a conglomeration of several venues. The arena's footprint is based on the Honda Center in Anaheim, and the exterior of the arena is based on the main entrance of the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which also makes it reminiscent of the The Forum in Inglewood.

Events of the HD Universe

The arena is hosting the auditions for the latest season of the reality talent show Fame or Shame. Tracey De Santa is auditioning at the arena without her parents' permission. Trevor Philips did not want to see Tracey get humiliated on national television, so he and Michael drive to the arena to stop the audition, assaulting Lazlow in the process. The two then chase Lazlow out of the arena, eventually confronting him at the Los Santos River when Lazlow's car breaks down.