McKenzie Field Hangar

An aerial view of the air strip

See also Sandy Shores Airfield, another nearby airstrip.

The McKenzie Field Hangar is a hangar and a small dirt airstrip located in Grapeseed, in Grand Theft Auto V.


As its name implies, it is a hangar, capable of holding one small airplane. It is possible to buy the hangar and runway for $150,000. It is only available to buy if playing as Trevor.

Arms trafficking

After the hangar is purchased, it features arms trafficking missions by either land or air. There is a Dune Buggy for the land weapons-running side mission, as well as a Cuban 800 for air deliveries. Upon completion of a side mission, Trevor gets paid $5000 for land deliveries and $7000 for the air deliveries. Completing air deliveries quickly awards a time bonus of $125, accuracy with drops gives additional $125 bonus and flying below radar on missions that require it give yet another $125.