Minor Turbulence

Minor Turbulence
Game GTA V
For Ron Jakowski
Objective Hijack a Merryweather cargo plane containing weapons
Location De Santa House in Rockford Hills, Los Santos
Fail Trevor's Duster is destroyed before reaching the cargo plane
Trevor remains in restricted airspace for too long
The cargo plane gets reaches Los Santos International Airport before Trevor can hijack it
The cargo plane is destroyed before the Air Force shoots it down
Trevor falls out of the cargo hold before hijacking the cargo plane
Unlocks Paleto Score Setup
The Civil Border Patrol
Unlocked by Caida Libre

Minor Turbulence is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V given to protagonist Trevor Philips by Ron Jakowski. The mission is started by Franklin Clinton at the De Santa House and has the "M" icon relating to Michael De Santa.


Franklin Clinton arrives at the De Santa House and peers through the glass in the front door before phoning Michael De Santa. Franklin asks where Michael is and the camera switches to Michael sitting on the couch in Trevor's trailer. Michael explains that he is having to lie low after he and Trevor 'fell out' with Martin Madrazo, who Franklin had met earlier in the year. Michael tells Franklin he is in the desert by the Alamo Sea and tells Franklin that he has Madrazo's wife. Trevor wakes up and begins shouting for Ron Jakowski who lives in the neighbouring trailer. Ron arrives and Trevor introduces him to both Michael and Patricia, who is sitting in a chair, and he rips the tape covering her mouth. Trevor apologises to Patricia and tells her he can not guarantee no harm will come to her, saying he may have to cut her up into small pieces and put the parts down a drain but that he hopes it does not come to that. Patricia thanks him for his honesty and calls him a good man. Michael then tells her she needs her eyes examined.

Trevor then begins talking to Ron about their business. Ron explains that things have not gone well but that he has heard about a large cache of weapons being moved by Merryweather Security Consulting. Michael attempts to get involved but is told by Trevor to 'lay low' as he is a wanted man and to look after Patricia. Trevor and Ron begin driving to the airfield in Grapeseed as the weapons are being brought in by air. Ron explains that he knew Trevor was angry after having to hand back military hardware he had stolen from them so he began monitoring their chatter and hacking into their network, where he discovered the cache of weapons. Ron also explains that he was expecting more from Michael Townley with Trevor explaining that the years had not been good to him.

The two arrive at the airfield and Trevor spots the plane they are going to use, a crop duster, complaining to Ron. As he gets into the plane he tells Ron to tell their friends south of the border about a 'fire sale' while Ron tells him he'll contact him through the radio. Trevor takes off and begins flying toward the Merryweather plane, which Ron informs him is flying around Mount Chiliad but warns Trevor to fly low as the tower at Fort Zancudo is monitoring the air traffic. Trevor locates the plane and continues to follow it, avoiding Fort Zancudo and staying low to avoid detection, telling Ron that they will have to take the plane by force in the air. While continuing to follow the plane, Trevor tells Ron he is glad to be back in Blaine County where he can be himself while in Los Santos people are more worried about appearance and that you can begin to forget who you are while staying there. Ron calls him the most honest man he knows and a man of integrity.

The plane eventually flies out of the military airspace while still circling Mount Chiliad, just after Paleto Bay, and Trevor begins to gain altitude in the plane. Merryweather personnel contact Trevor asking him to identify himself and state his intent. Trevor responds that he is simply enjoying the weather with the Merryweather mercenary responding that he needs to change course or they will be forced to shoot him down. Trevor continues to fly toward the plane and ignores a final warning, with Merryweather personnel firing RPGs and bullets at the plane. Trevor, however, flies the Duster into the Merryweather plane's open hatch forcing the two people firing at him to jump off the hatch. Trevor gets out of the Duster before it falls out and takes cover as more Merryweather personnel begin shooting at his position.

Trevor kills the Merryweather personnel, avoiding Mesas rolling out of the plane and heads to the cockpit where he kills the pilot. Trevor takes control of the plane, now above Los Santos International Airport, and informs air traffic control that there has been a change in personnel and destination, which is now going to be the McKenzie Field. Trevor changes the radio frequency and asks Ron if their friends have arrived. Ron reports that they have and tells Trevor to 'fly safe'. Two air force jets arrive and inform Trevor they are to escort him to base and that he must change his course. Ron tells Trevor to fly above them and, after being told to comply again, tells the air force he will give them 10% making them all happy. The air force pilot tells Trevor they have permission to shoot him down and give him a final warning, with Trevor responding that they would not shoot him down due to the number of casualties on the ground when the plane crashed. Trevor continues to gain altitude and the pilots open fire, causing the plane to malfunction and begins to descend. Trevor abandons the controls and enters the one remaining Mesa in the cargo bay, driving the vehicle out of the plane before jumping out of the vehicle to open his parachute, watching as the plane crashes into the Alamo Sea, before landing safely.

Secondary objectives

Objective Description
Accuracy Finish with a shooting accuracy of at least 80%.
Four Wheel Flier Leave the plane in the Mesa.

Post mission phone call

Ron Jakowski: Trevor. Shit, are you okay? I saw the plane go down.

Trevor Philips: I survived, and lizard army didn't do so well, so that's something.

Ron Jakowski: Oh, thank God! The fuselage went into the Alamo Sea, you might be able to salvage the hardware with dive gear or something.

Trevor Philips: Good idea, but it'll take time. Tell Oscar, he ain't gettin' these guns.

Ron Jakowski: Okay. Look, I got to ask, are you in with the Federal government? An Agent Sanchez was round here saying you and Michael had to meet his supervisors at the garage... the cook site.

Trevor Philips: Fuck, I gotta do this okay? But I'm using 'em, alright? The-the-they ain't using me. Let's make that clear.


A number of items, including body armor, a Combat MG, RPG, Grenade Launcher, Pump-Action Shotgun, Sniper Rifle, and sticky bombs, can be salvaged from the wreckage of the plane following completion of the mission. However, a Submersible and/or scuba gear may be needed to acquire these items depending on the level of the protagonists' lung capacity stat.


  • According to Trevor, the Duster used in the mission was manufactured in 1989.

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