Paleto Forest

Paleto Forest is a forest south of Paleto Bay in Blaine County, which appears in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The Great Ocean Hwy runs through the forest and the Aerial Tramway, giving access to the peak of Mount Chiliad, can be found in the forest. The forest provides good hunting for locals, including Cletus Ewing, while the trees provide jobs at Paleto Forest Sawmill. The area is controlled by the Ballas, a gang from Los Santos, who grow cannabis in the forest.

Events of HD Universe

Cletus Ewing teaches Trevor Philips to hunt deer in the forest. Lamar Davis, on advice from Stretch, goes to the sawmill located in the forest to purchase drugs. Lamar is then kidnapped by the Ballas but is rescued by Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa and Trevor Philips after Franklin is convinced to rescue him by Tanisha Jackson.





  • First aid kit (located next to a door on the northern side eastern side of the sawmill, located in Mount Chiliad)



  • The lumberjack statue at the Bayview Lodge can be seen holding a wooden beer keg. If the player shoots the keg, liquid will pour out of the bullet hole.