Peyote Plant

Peyote Plants are a collectible in the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC versions of Grand Theft Auto V. There are twenty-seven located across San Andreas and, when eaten, cause the protagonist to hallucinate that they are one of the animals that populate the state. The player is then given the opportunity to briefly play as the animal and can earn a wanted level by attacking pedestrians. Peyote plants spawn again after all have been collected/eaten. The animal chosen is defined by three categories: Land, Sea and Air but is otherwise random.

It should be noted that during "Land" animal hallucinations the location of the protagonist may have changed due to the players movement as an animal while "Sea" hallucinations will have the protagonist take control under water with the lung capacity bar decreasing when the hallucination ends. The player may also be in danger due to Mountain Lions in certain areas of Blaine County and Los Santos County. The protagonist as "land" animals can run, as "sea" animals can swim and as "air" animals can both fly and land. Some animals can also attack non-playable characters who will also treat the player as a human. Breaking into or flying over restricted areas and/or attacking NPCs will result in a wanted level. After the hallucination ends, the protagonist will be seen acting as if they were the animal (Crawling on all fours, flapping their arms or using their hands and arms to look like fins, for example). Pressing the "Attack" button will result in an animation showing them attacking something, which if near an NPC will result in the NPC being attacked. As an "Air" animal, the "attack" command results in the bird defecating. As "Land" animals, the player is capable of having the animal make noises (meowing as a cat for example) by pressing the button to sound the horn while driving.

Peyote Plants

Los Santos

El Burro Heights
  • Located on the southern part of El Burro Blvd by three trees behind a car park (Land).
La Puerta
Los Santos International Airport
  • Located off the coast and under the water east of the northern most storage facility near some seaweed (Sea).
  • Located next to a bus wreck behind Los Santos Customs (Land).
Mirror Park
  • Located in the back garden of the third house on the southern side of Utopia Way (Land).
Pacific Ocean
Vespucci Beach
Vinewood Hills
West Vinewood

Los Santos County

Pacific Ocean
Redwood Lights Track
  • Located next to a small shrub southwest of a farm displaying a "Welcome" sign for aliens and of the Redwood Lights Track (Land).
Tongva Hills

Blaine County

Alamo Sea
  • Located under water in the northeast corner of the Alamo Sea (Sea).
Fort Zancudo
  • Located on the southern area of Mount Josiah, technically in Fort Zancudo, on a small path leading away from the military base (Land).
Grand Senora Desert
  • Located in a small group of flowers north of Harmony and east of a cul-de-sac dirt road off Senora Rd (Land).
Mount Chiliad
  • Located roughly half way between the northern most path on the mountain and Dignity Village (Land).
  • Located next to two stakes south of the Aerial Tramway station on the mountain (Air).
Mount Gordo
  • Located behind a tree near a small pool on the footpath leading up the mountain.
Pacific Ocean
  • Located under water just outside the mouth of the Zancudo River (Sea)
  • Located under water east of the Humane Labs and Research facility near some rusting metal (Sea, note a Submersible should be used to reach the Peyote Plant due to the depth it is located at ).
  • Located under water near a natural arch northeast of Paleto Bay (Sea).
Paleto Bay
  • Located by a bench in the grassy area in the north of Paleto Bay (Land).
Raton Canyon
  • Located on top of a cliff on the north side of the canyon (Air).
  • Located near a viewing platform on the southern side of the canyon.
RON Alternates Wind Farm
  • Located in a trailer park in the front garden of a trailer opposite a painted caravan displaying the word "Peace". (Land)

Animals to play as

  • Cormorant (can fly and attack NPCs)
  • Crow (can fly and attack NPCs)
  • Hawk (can fly and attack NPCs)
  • Pigeons (can fly and attack NPCs)
  • Seagull (can fly and attack NPCs)

Video walkthrough

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