Bernard Gordon
Appearances GTA Liberty City Stories
Full Name Bernard Gordon
Aliases Crow
Gender Gender::Male
Place of Birth United Kingdom
Nationality British
Main Affiliations Trev
Occupation Singer
Voiced by Gregg Martin

Bernard Gordon, better known by the stage name Crow, is a character that appears in the GTA IV and GTA V eras, appearing in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories and Grand Theft Auto IV. Gordon is a British rock star and the lead singer/tambourinist of Ambulance. Crow is voiced by Gregg Martin in GTA Liberty City Stories.

Character history

3D Universe

Bernard Gordon, Trev and another band mate, all childhood friends, started the band Ambulance at some point presumably during the 1970s and found fame in 1980. The band had were scheduled to go on a world tour but Gordon left the group after an argument regarding royalties, eighty percent of which went to Gordon. He had his first solo project in 1984, a charity concert in Africa. At some point between his split and 1998 he had joined a new band, The Toilet, and in 1998 is interviewed by Melissa Chowder to promote his latest concert on LCFR's Breathing World. The interview is pre-taped and, in the studio, Gordon declares his love for Chowder.

HD Universe

Bernard Gordon announces on a television show in 2008 that he is to host a large concert in Iran. Crow is also mentioned by Willie McTavish of Love Fist in Grand Theft Auto V, stating that Crow doesn't get harassed like himself.


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